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Workflow Saves Time And Boosts Revenue

Workflow saves time and boosts revenue

Running your own business is a very enticing proposition as it offers many of us freedom. However, what we’ve heard from our customers is that once they get started, they realize just how much work is involved. Before they know it, all those freedom perks they thought they were getting have vanished. Their business becomes their boss. If you are an one-person-shop, the pressure can definitely be overwhelming at times. That’s when you want to clone yourself.

Some of us at ServerPress have run companies with full size teams. Many of us have experience in marketing and web development, as Independent Consultants. The one thing we can all agree on, no matter the size of an organization, is that without a proper workflow, a business cannot reach its maximum potential.

Even though we cannot help solve all your needs, we have always thrived in creating software that will maximize your Workflow.

Structure does not mean Corporate Policies.

You may have started working for yourself because you didn’t want to work within the confinement of structure and processes. It’s too Corporate!

Few of us in the technology industry are into the traditional corporate structure. But a proper workflow does not have to be that. Every company has different needs just like we are all different as individuals.

Even scheduling regular break times during your work day is providing some structure. How you take these breaks can be a part of your Workflow. We all know time does not exist once we sit in front of our computers. Sometimes, we forget to eat. Okay, not me. I never forget when there’s food involved. But some of us do. Introducing structure into our workflow is ultimately good for our health. This goes the same for the well-being of your company.

But how?

When we want to increase revenue, our instinct is to lock in more projects. However, we end up in the same place of needing to clone ourselves. I’d like to invite you to boost your net Income by saving time. This can be achieved by setting up a Workflow that works for you. You get to earn the same amount of fees in projects while relaxing on the beach with a frothy drink. Or take on more projects without feeling stressed out. That, my friend, is what we signed up for as Entrepreneurs.

There are many efficient tools out there that can help with your Workflow. We internally use ASANA for task management, Slack for communications and HelpScout to help with support requests. Each tool maximizes our time.

DesktopServer, for example, has gained popularity in the WordPress Community because it can quickly spin up a website to run locally on your system, negating the need for the internet and the lag that can be associated with it.

As an example, let’s say that it typically takes you fifteen minutes to spin up a WordPress site (setting up file space, unpacking the installation files, setting up the database and creating a host entry). An efficiency tool such as DesktopServer will do it in under a minute. That is about a 93% time savings. Now, imagine that you do this four or five times a week. That’s a minimum of about an hour a week you’re saving, or 52 hours a year; time you can use to spend time with family, go for a bike ride, watch a movie, or, maybe even add a few more billable hours! The point is, it’s time you’ve gotten back and time you likely would not be able to bill for in the first place.

Sure, a few minutes here and there doesn’t sound like much, but over time, it really adds up!

This sounds like cheating.

The Truth is anyone can set up a WordPress site. That’s the beauty of WordPress. However, clients hire you because of your creative ideas, expertise, and experience. That means knowing when to take a shortcut and still have a stellar web presence. Some may argue that since you can deliver a website faster, you can add on a surcharge for speedy delivery. Even if you decide not to charge more, you stand out because you are fast and efficient. That’s valuable to your wlients. It’s a Win-Win-Win all the way around.

If I can’t clone myself…

I don’t know about you but if I cannot clone myself, I’d definitely consider adding Efficiency tools to my Workflow.

DesktopServer helps you set up a website in minutes. WPSiteSync synchronizes site content with a simple push of a button. If you are not familiar with them, check them out!

What tools do you use to maximize your time in business? We want to hear your ideas. Please share with all of us by commenting below.