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How To Rock A WordCamp Even If You’re A N00b

How to Rock a WordCamp Even if You’re a n00b

WordCamp Spring Season

We think we can speak for most WordPress business owners when we say the best perk of working in the WordPress economy is getting to attend, sponsor, speak and volunteer at WordCamps. We do this as often as we can. In fact, this weekend Marc will be manning our sponsor table at WordCamp Minneapolis! For us, WordCamps allow us to meet up with our WordPress friends (many who are like family) and give back to the community that has given us so much.

First Time WordCampers

We’ve now been to 20+ WordCamps, but we remember when we were once newbies and we know it can be a little nerve-wracking. Over time we’ve discovered first time WordCampers seemed to share similar problems. They arrive at WordCamp a little nervous, a little excited and they leave completely overwhelmed! The after-party they were looking forward to, now feels daunting. And the idea of going to Sunday’s contributor day: whoah – no way – imposter syndrome has set in hard!

How to Rock a WordCamp Even If You’re a n00b

In the following talk Marc gave at WordCamp Toronto in the fall of 2014, he covers 12 steps on how to get the most out of your WordCamp experience as well as how to start giving back to the Community on Day One. And while this is not mentioned – be sure to enjoy all the free swag sponsors have to offer! Trust us, they don’t want to pack it up and take it home with them!

If you are new to WordPress or WordCamps, set yourself up for success by watching Marc’s talk (which can also be found on and reviewing his slides before you hit the WordCamp floor!

Learn how to make the most of WordCamp without getting home feeling like a zombie.

Now go get yourself packed and get ready to head out the door – WordCamp Minneapolis kicks off first thing Saturday morning!