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Using Coda 2 for WordPress Design and Development

DesktopServer Premium edition version 3.4.0 now includes extended support for Panic’s latest Coda 2 IDE (integrated development environment). Now you can develop WordPress websites in Coda 2 with enhanced features such as WYSIWYG split view editing on template files (formerly only available in Adobe Dreamweaver). AirPreview will allow you to work in Coda 2 while seeing a site preview on your iPad device. DesktopServer unleashes AirPreview functionality to work with your dynamic, PHP driven WordPress website. DesktopServer is the only web server that enables this level of functionality and integration with Coda 2 and WordPress to help you design, develop, and deploy faster then ever.

Watch the video and follow along and learn how to get started with WordPress, Coda 2, and Diet Coda using DesktopServer.