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Unsupported Goods And Services

Unsupported Goods and Services

From time to time we run into a service or product that, despite all of our efforts, just does not play well with DesktopServer. Because our goal is to provide all of our Members with top-notch service, we have to make the hard decision to no longer support these products because they take up so much time with Support that we cannot service other customers.

These products will be listed here and as the list is constantly changing, we highly recommend you check back often.

Unsupported Goods and Services

Network Solutions & Yahoo Web Hosting: We can no longer offer our Premium Assisted Deployment service with Network Solutions or Yahoo Web Services. Because of the way that they handle WordPress installations and lack of flexibility, we are unable continue offering support with them. While we work extremely hard to be server “agnostic” we have just found that the non-standard way in which they handle WordPress is just not conducive to a good user experience. We recommend that, if possible, you move your site to a host that is more supportive of the WordPress environment.


Microsoft Windows XP: As you may have recently heard, Microsoft has announced that it will no longer support security updates for Windows XP (see announcement here), effectively resulting in end of life for the XP Operating System. This does not mean that DesktopServer will no longer work with Windows XP, however, because they are no providing technical support and security updates, we can no longer offer support for systems running DesktopServer on Windows XP. This ending of support is both permanent and immediate.

Norton AntiVirus: If you are running a Windows system and have installed Norton AntiVirus, you might discover usability issues with DesktopServer. Because of the way Norton’s firewall works, there are changes made to the Hosts file (among other things), rendering virtually any local development environment impossible. While many third party A/V software solutions make changes to your system, we have found that Norton returns inconsistent results. For Antivirus solutions, we recommend that you use Microsoft Security Essentials. It’s a free, light-weight piece of software that does not interfere with DesktopServer and has low overhead. Plus, since it’s Microsoft, it is built to work with Windows as a 1st party developer.

Keep in mind that this list is not permanent. We are constantly going back and revisiting these decisions. In some cases, we are able to write code to compensate and in other cases, the vendor has changed the way they do things.