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Why do I get a “Port 80 being used” message while trying to install DesktopServer?

In most cases, this is caused by IIS or if you have installed another web server that is preventing DesktopServer from running (which requires port 80). To turn off IIS on Windows Vista, 7 and 8, please try the following:

  • Go to your Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Services
  • Double click each of the following items and set the startup to “Manual” and click “Stop”:
    1. Web Deployment Agent Services
    2. World Wide Web Publishing
    3. Internet Information Services
    4. SQL Server Reporting Services

Please be sure to check the “Extended” and “Standard” tab for the aforementioned services. You may not have all of the listed items. With the services turn off or disabled you should reboot your system. If the problem persists, you should check to see if you have an existing mysqld.exe or (usually more than one) httpd.exe present in your task manager, here is how:

Find Existing Apache Web and MySQL Services

Skype may also cause and issue utilizing port 80. To resolve this, simply follow the instructions as laid out in our video tutorial found here.

Using DesktopServer with third-party antivirus software.

Third-party antivirus applications may inhibit your operating system. To ensure proper compatibility, please refer to our document Antivirus Compatibility on Microsoft Windows


For additional support, please be sure to include your operating system version and platform (i.e. “Windows 7″, or “Macintosh 10.8″, etc.) and contact us via our Support Form.