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I discovered ServerPress Desktop Server (DTS) while looking for a faster way to build my WordPress site. I was frustrated working in an online environment and waiting for every edit to update. I purchased the Premium version and could not be happier, even though I’ve used only a fraction of the features! DTS solved the speed problem because I’m now editing in my local environment – so every edit is very fast to make, and to check. DTS allows me to quickly create an archive of the entire site, make any major changes, and upload it for testing without fear of ruining anything. DTS allows me to deploy to any domain name which is normally not so easy. And last but definitely not least, their support is EXCELLENT. Forget being stuck with cumbersome and time consuming forums. ServerPress responds quickly, works closely with you to resolve any issues. Not just by email either. You can actually speak with a friendly and knowledgeable human being on the phone. I’ve already recommended DTS to business colleagues, and I recommend it to you. It’s about time a software company as good at these guys came along.