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I first heard about DesktopServer at Wordcamp Phoenix after developing on a live site and paying dearly for my mistakes for several months.   Moving WordPress was always a painful experience that involved some tricks and patience.   I opted for the premium package because I liked how the application interfaced nicely with the Duplicator plugin and BackupBuddy.

The first site that I cloned was a very complex and included WordPress Multisite and Buddypress.   I thought for sure that DesktopServer would give me a white screen of death or a nasty 404 error.  Nope! DesktopServer set up a local instance of my site exactly as it looked live on my computer and I was left contemplating “That’s it? No hassles?”

Thank you ServerPress for letting me focus on customer service with my clients and not be caught in the weeds with a site staging and deploy.

As the Founder of ServerPress, LLC and the Coding Genius behind DesktopServer, Stephen J. Carnam continues to invent new ways to improve developer Workflow through technology. As a huge Advocate of Open Source Software, he promotes Creativity, Community and Collaboration.

Mauri Rummel