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I first heard about DesktopServer at Wordcamp Phoenix after developing on a live site and paying dearly for my mistakes for several months.   Moving WordPress was always a painful experience that involved some tricks and patience.   I opted for the premium package because I liked how the application interfaced nicely with the Duplicator plugin and BackupBuddy.

The first site that I cloned was a very complex and included WordPress Multisite and Buddypress.   I thought for sure that DesktopServer would give me a white screen of death or a nasty 404 error.  Nope! DesktopServer set up a local instance of my site exactly as it looked live on my computer and I was left contemplating “That’s it? No hassles?”

Thank you ServerPress for letting me focus on customer service with my clients and not be caught in the weeds with a site staging and deploy.

Mauri Rummel