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For years I struggled with getting an efficient development setup so I could develop sites, launch demos then get a live site running and then have another local copy to test changes before pushing live. There were dozens of apps, command line tools, and a whole bunch of other things that got more in the way than they helped. Then I found DesktopServer.

This one tool has allowed to me to quickly deploy local to staging, to maintain the local site changes, and then push to live quickly. It also allows me to keep a handy local copy for future changes and to redeploy live in just a few moments. It’s sped up my development time frame by taking care of the minutiae none of us love to do. And, if by chance you need support (which you’ll rarely need with this application) the developers are the most responsive group you will find.

If you’re a budding developer looking to improve your workflow, stop what you’re doing right now and get Desktop Server. You will not be disappointed!