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I started out with the “limited” version of DesktopServer, then when it went on sale this past December I purchased the “premium” version… Wow…! Now, not only can I can create WP sites, but I can UPLOAD them as well…!

Probably the one leading factor that made me decide to finally “take the plunge” and purchase the premium version was the outstanding support I got when just using the “lite” version… Customer service and support AFTER the purchase is important to me and the folks at are tops at both…!

I’m still learning WP and with DesktopServer as a tool, it will help lessen that proverbial “learning curve” as time goes on…

I create WP sites as a “hobby” – mostly for my friends, but if you are serious about making a living at creating and maintaining WP websites, then DesktopServer is a tool in your toolbox that will definitely help “…git ‘er done…” when it comes to the business of creating and maintaining WP websites [or blogs!]