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Steve created ServerPress, LLC as a place to share professional solutions using web technologies like WordPress for creative design and powerful web development. Steve is obsessed with open source technologies and is big on defending user rights in the digital world. As a self coined software “extensioneer”, Steve believes in creating solutions that extend existing technologies as well as extending user abilities to reach new goals and possibilities.

Steve lives in San Diego, CA and spends his waking (and sometimes sleeping) hours obsessed with coding and design to help make our projects and services awesome. With a background in front end graphics, 3D, and traditional backend software engineering, Steve is always dreaming about new and exciting projects and solutions.

When not coding, you can find Steve in his garage spending his time sculpting clay or printing objects on his 3D printer, hacking circuitboards, restoring vintage personal computers, or sketching ideas for a giant telepresence robot with night vision goggles, quadcopter drones, or a sun sintering solar death ray.