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Gregg has been involved with the internet in various aspects since the mid-90s where he was a founder and vital player in the development and growth of an independent ISP in Southern California. During his tenure, he oversaw the design and development of the company website and its incorporation of their online billing system, integrating automation and efficiency for an easy, time-saving customer experience.

Since then, he has been involved in web development and has been using WordPress exclusively for many of those years. He has developed major sites for some of Southern California’s best marketing companies.

Since he started developing in WordPress, he has become a very active member of the WordPress Community. Always anxious to give something back, Gregg takes part in many Southern California meetups every month, as a both a presenter and active audience participant. Helping people is what drives Gregg and he feels that The WordPress Community is the perfect place to do that.

Gregg lives in Corona, California with his wife, Heidi (who, by the way, is an awesome real estate agent). In his free time, he can be found hanging out at his daughter’s house playing with his grand kids.