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These guys rock! Helped me out with deploying my website after which they completely went out of their way to fix some sub domain issue which was never part of their support. Can not recommend them enough!!!

Impressive works. Server Press 3.91 PHP7 upgrade works really well with our existing plugins and environment and Live migration works seamlessly. We have integrated ServerPress in our development environment as an integral component because of its reliability and ease of use.

It makes sense to make your platform more intelligent with rich features since you have a solid foundation and loyal clients.

Hugh Touchai

DesktopServer has been the foundation of my local development environment for years now. Only recently had I actually used WPSiteSync to push a local site to live. It was the easiest migrations I had ever performed. Don't get overwhelmed by the variety of local development environments available to new or experienced developers. Having tried MAMP, Homebrew, and Vagrant, Local, Bitnami stacks, and others, I came back to Desktop Server for one simple reason. It never failed. If you're worried about the cost, consider it an investment. Build the cost of the license into your first few sites. You won't regret it.

JLC - Julius Lopez

The service I've received from the support team has been outstanding. I'm not sure they sleep or take breaks as they contacted me on a Sunday their time. (My Monday) to help with my issue. I'm extremely happy with both the service and the product and would happily recommend DesktopServer (ServerPress) to everyone.

Rhonda Crerar

Many, thanks to Gregg and Marc from ServerPress, they couldn't be possibly more helpful, professional, patient and friendly. DesktopServer is a great product and I highly recommend it.

Tomasz Danilewicz

I've had a great experience with Serverpress's customer service. I posted a ticket and within 1 hr I got an email with a number to call. After 15 min on the phone I had my live site up and running locally offline. Wow. I had already tried a couple free ways to accomplish this but they both failed and I had no live support. So glad I paid for the premium version. Plus the user interface is streamlined, super efficient. It's all been worth it to go with Serverpress!!

Vaughn Paul Manley

The BEST customer support period! I had an issue that there were 3 other well known companies whose product could be causing it. It dragged on for 2 days with no response or a pass the buck type of response from the other companies. I didn't think of contacting ServerPress until today. They fixed it with in hours. Here is the kicker it was NOT really an issue with their software!!! This was a Disney/ Nordstroms level customer experience. They earned my agency as a customer for life.

Nevin Harris

I have been using DesktopServer for the a while, and it is a wonderful tool for local development. Today I encountered a problem and the lighting speed at which support was provided was more impressive than even the wonderful product itself. This is a truly awesome company, can't recommend them enough.

Boel Stoddard

I started out with the "limited" version of DesktopServer, then when it went on sale this past December I purchased the "premium" version... Wow...! Now, not only can I can create WP sites, but I can UPLOAD them as well...!

Probably the one leading factor that made me decide to finally "take the plunge" and purchase the premium version was the outstanding support I got when just using the "lite" version... Customer service and support AFTER the purchase is important to me and the folks at are tops at both...!

I'm still learning WP and with DesktopServer as a tool, it will help lessen that proverbial "learning curve" as time goes on...

I create WP sites as a "hobby" - mostly for my friends, but if you are serious about making a living at creating and maintaining WP websites, then DesktopServer is a tool in your toolbox that will definitely help "...git 'er done..." when it comes to the business of creating and maintaining WP websites [or blogs!]

Very glad I found your software and purchased the full version - I would say 100% worth it. I have never received support service like this before. So expeditious and pro-active.

Thank you very much - I am floored at the service I received.

Your satisfied customer


One of the best supported products I've used in a long time! We'll be using this in all our WP development workflow.

Jed Benoit

Since I started working with DesktopServer, life has never been so easy for me. My brother told me about DesktopServer and bought me a version. Since then I have never been so confident working on my WordPress [sites] offline.

Blaise Talla

Not only does DesktopServer deliver on its promise to make the local-to-live process painless, it's really the people behind the product that make it a no brainer for me to keep supporting their endeavors. Many companies boast of their premium support, but this small team sets the bar very very very high.
Thanks a million!

Desktop server saves me hours, and I love how fast and great the support is.


Awesome tool + phenomenal customer service! Seriously—what more can you say about a company that responds to a support request almost immediately and stays on the phone with you to help solve a problem.

This is SO not my area of expertise but support was amazing. They took the time to explain and answer all my questions show me the ropes. I now feel so much more confident using DesktopServer. I buy a lot of software and I have NEVER had the level of customer support provided here. Amazing product and even better support.

Sarah Lang

There are so many reasons why I recommend DesktopServer. Firstly it is without doubt the best piece of software I have ever purchased. Simply put it does exactly what the company says...every single time and without fail. It has saved me so much time in a business that relies on every minute. The ease of installation and use is second to none and it is a pleasure to use. The second reason is the level of support. I have never ever encountered such a consistent level of excellence in all my years. Requests are dealt with extremely quickly and solutions come just as fast with the point being they work first time every time. The standard of professionalism from everyone one I have dealt with is just so refreshing. To everyone at DesktopServer I say thank you and you genuinly have a customer for life. Thanks

Ian Eastwood

I had a funky problem with my host file. It was a weird problem and the ServerPress team sacrificed a good chunk of their time to help me. The solution was simple but finding it was not. I was very impressed with them. They are good people and their software is top notch. Do yourself a favor and buy DesktopServer. It's a time saver and the service is excellent.

I purchased DesktopServer after  talking with you at WordCamp Seattle. Best purchase I have made all year! If I had this at the beginning of the year, I would have saved AT LEAST 40 hours of time this year, which makes the purchase price beyond affordable. Thank you!!

Great product, great support! I can't say enough about Desktop Server. It is making my time management better, which in turn makes my life easier. Thanks from a big fan.

Matt Macdonald

You guys are AMAZING. I can't thank you enough for the awesome support that I received. I had never deployed a site from Desktop Server to the server before. Support walked me through step-by-step, which was a lot of settings changes for the first deploy. We ran into an issue on the server side, created a ticket, he worked through it thoroughly until it was fully resolved. Even resetting my password at the end. Thank you!

Switched from WordPress MultiSite and MAMP to DesktopServer. Best decision and purchase of the year! And it is just getting better. Really love the local Admin Bar plugin, the Mailbox viewer and the new site overview page.

Last but not least: The support is amazing. I couldn’t be happier.


For years I struggled with getting an efficient development setup so I could develop sites, launch demos then get a live site running and then have another local copy to test changes before pushing live. There were dozens of apps, command line tools, and a whole bunch of other things that got more in the way than they helped. Then I found DesktopServer.

This one tool has allowed to me to quickly deploy local to staging, to maintain the local site changes, and then push to live quickly. It also allows me to keep a handy local copy for future changes and to redeploy live in just a few moments. It's sped up my development time frame by taking care of the minutiae none of us love to do. And, if by chance you need support (which you'll rarely need with this application) the developers are the most responsive group you will find.

If you're a budding developer looking to improve your workflow, stop what you're doing right now and get Desktop Server. You will not be disappointed!

I had arranged a WordPress meetup where 145 participants were WP beginners(CS graduates from a local university), I was teaching about building a WordPress theme, and to do so, I wanted to give these students an easy way to get started with local WP dev. My search for a WP localhost setup for multi-platforms (Mac + Windows) ended up at DesktopServer. For about two years now, I personally use DesktopServer, Good ideas never go out of style.

DesktopServer has transformed how I work with WordPress. With just a few clicks, I can spin up a local development site or deploy one to a live server. Blueprints are a huge time-saver allowing me to deploy a preconfigured website in minutes. And it just keeps getting better. Love the new plugins they've introduced like Local Admin Bar Color and Bypass Login. Not to mention their support rocks! Thanks ServerPress!

ServerPress is a fantastic piece of software that has completely changed the way I develop, manage and deploy WordPress sites. The couple of times I have needed support they have been incredibly responsive and very helpful. I can't wait to see the new features they come up with. I only wish I had discovered it earlier!

The importance of a local WordPress development environment may not be obvious at first, but trust me it's huge. Learning the importance of working locally allowed me to work faster, experiment more, test more and become better at what I do. DesktopServer made that important step in my personal evolution easy and simple.

DesktopServer has become such an integral part of my workflow, I can't imagine working without it. It works flawlessly. Their team is totally committed to a quality product and first class support. This is one tool that's on my 'must have' list. It has paid for itself many times over in the time it saves in site development and deployment.

Dave Ellison

I have really liked the product for a long time. In addition to a GREAT product what impresses me is the customer service. I recently was having a difficult time moving a website that had a pretty large file size (3.8GB) from a live sub-domain development server to the root server for the go live presentation.

Their support was extremely helpful, went beyond the call of duty. The web site went live without a hitch. These folks are the BEST!

Super pumped about DesktopServer! Where have you been the last few year?! This is going to speed up my dev process TREMENDOUSLY. Also, Gregg from DesktopServer ROCKS! Thanks for all your help to get me started. I highly recommend DesktopServer!

Jennifer A. Niles

Just want to say how AMAZING Desktop Server is! The personal support from Gregg is unbelievable. This is the best "tool in my toolbox" ... hands down!


I just need to say again what a fan I am of DesktopServer. If you're a WordPress developer, you NEED this. Saved me hundreds of dollars.

I'm just mad I waited so long to start using DesktopServer! It has made my workflow so much smoother & faster. On top of that, the customer service is amazing. Thanks for everything!!

Nadine Gilden

Thank you DesktopServer for making my life easy. Less than 15 days as a user and now I can't live without you 🙂 greetings from Argentina

Facu Puig

Desktop Server has changed my life! It has brought magic and grace to my development environment and I use it everyday for every project, and at WordCamps to present locally. I love it!

Suzette Franck

I've recently introduced DesktopServer into my workflow and it has transformed my ability to create and deploy websites. The cost of the software has already paid for itself through the speed and ease at which a new site can be built. This together with allowing me to rescue broken websites painlessly makes it invaluable. As if that wasn't enough the support is second to none.

Colin Kidd

I've tested and edited code all afternoon - Thank you, DesktopServer, for an excellent product. Love having days like this.

Jonya Pacey

ServerPress rocks my WordPress world.

I love DesktopServer it makes it so easy to edit WordPress on a personal computer!

Janine Warner

I cannot say enough good things about ServerPress, especially the Premium version. I’m a newbie WordPress user and after several unsuccessful attempts (not to mention hours of frustration) at migrating my site from production to development I decided to go with ServerPress premium version. I followed their online tutorial but did something wrong so I sent an email to their support team. In less than an hour a representative wrote back and helped me figure out my error. I needed someone to hold my hand again during the development to production migration, and once again their support was outstanding! I followed the instructions they sent me and deployment was a dream. SO much easier than using a plugin! It has already paid for itself in saved time and peace of mind. Thank you ServerPress!!

I have used DesktopServer for over a year to build and maintain a LOT of client websites in WordPress. DesktopServer has made my job a lot easier by streamlining the tedious tasks of setting up local development sites and moving websites back and forth. Thank you ServerPress team

Lars Koudal
DesktopServer by ServerPress is an unparalleled tool for the creation and development of WordPress Web sites. While this statement is true enough about the software itself—what makes DesktopServer so unique is their rapid fire, expert support and commitment as the ServerPress team continually improves DesktopServer to fit the needs of the WordPress community. DesktopServer is a ‘must have’ for my development toolbox. If you depend on WordPress for your livelihood, I encourage you to discover DesktopServer—TODAY!
Priscilla Christian

The level of support I received with my premium membership was hands-down the best I have received from any previous company. The technician not only called me back almost immediately on a Friday night, but was extremely polite, insanely knowledgeable about the product, and offered to fix my problem even after we both agreed it was a mistake on my end. The product is a must have for developers. The support is amazing. I couldn’t be happier.

Brad Crawford

Desktop Server should be installed on every web developer’s system!  It has saved me countless hours in creating sites, testing and deploying client and personal work. Even better is the team behind the curtain.  They take care of their customers and treat everyone from beginner to advanced equally. Best. Investment. Ever.

Adam Silver

I’ve been very impressed with Serverpress. It is a solid performing tool and the support is excellent!

Josh Metz

DesktopServer has completely changed my workflow. The ease with which I can develop and deploy a new sites has saved me many hours of FTP. I’m no longer tethered to the internet. And the Blueprint feature is great for creating plugin, user and WP version templates that make setting up a new development environment a no-brainer. Everybody knows that working in a local environment is faster and easier than on a live server. DesktopServer makes the process of using XAMPP fast and efficient. And the tech support is incredible with DesktopServer. I’m amazed at how fast my questions are answered. And even more amazed at how few questions I have because this such an intuitive workflow to master. The Pro version is one of the best investments I’ve made in my business all year.

Howard Lerner

I was a bit skeptical when I first read through all the features of DesktopServer but, I decided to take the plunge anyway. I can state that I am extremely happy that I did. I had use MAMP on my Mac and WAMP on my PC prior to DesktopServer and both were time consuming and difficult to work. I needed a program I could do multiple sites on the go, quickly. DesktopServer answered all these needs and runs perfectly. Training and Support is superb. I had a few hiccups on my part but Gregg at support helped every step of the way. I can’t say enough about the program and support. I highly recommend DesktopServer for creating multiple project.

Stan Yotka

I discovered ServerPress Desktop Server (DTS) while looking for a faster way to build my WordPress site. I was frustrated working in an online environment and waiting for every edit to update. I purchased the Premium version and could not be happier, even though I’ve used only a fraction of the features! DTS solved the speed problem because I’m now editing in my local environment – so every edit is very fast to make, and to check. DTS allows me to quickly create an archive of the entire site, make any major changes, and upload it for testing without fear of ruining anything. DTS allows me to deploy to any domain name which is normally not so easy. And last but definitely not least, their support is EXCELLENT. Forget being stuck with cumbersome and time consuming forums. ServerPress responds quickly, works closely with you to resolve any issues. Not just by email either. You can actually speak with a friendly and knowledgeable human being on the phone. I’ve already recommended DTS to business colleagues, and I recommend it to you. It’s about time a software company as good at these guys came along.

Seriously, if you’re working with local WordPress development you need DesktopServer – Check the video: 

Frank Pizzacalla

DesktopServer and Dreamweaver, possibly the best productivity combinations for developing responsive WordPress themes.


DesktopServer is sooooo fluffy!! Just paid for the premium version, worth every penny.


Wow, just set up in 2 minutes a dev WordPress site using DesktopServer; automated the xampp install and everything.

Richard Archambault

As a speaker for many WordCamps, I focused on “How to Setup the best WordPress DEV System” – I think ServerPress hit it outta the park!

Sam Cohen

FYI, DesktopServer: I am in love with you guys! ServerPress allows me to learn & play on WordPress without messing up my site! Thank you!

Laureb Harnett

I just want you to know that you’re awesome. I just used the direct deploy feature for the first time and wow, it’s great, why did I ever mess with MAMP? Thanks for developing an amazing product.

Jason Deutscher

Here’s a cool share for ya’. I did 32 landing pages with all the same theme and some slight content changes, all in about week’s work with DesktopServer. Couldn’t have done it that fast any other way.

Ben Siegfried

ServerPress continues to prove itself to be the best purchase I made in 2013 (and beyond). The quality of the product (what it does for me) and the quality of the team behind it has me singing your praises continually every chance I get

Jeff Guynn

Aside from ServerPress being the only application I recommend to clients and customers that need a reliable, easy to use testing environment for their sites, it’s also a polished, rapidly-deployable alternative to more “developer-y” offerings like Vagrant and *AMP.

I was admittedly quite hesitant initially, but ServerPress sold me almost immediately. I’ve also found no complications in using ServerPress concurrently with git, svn, various task runners, and wp-cli.

Rami Abraham

ServerPress is a life saver! Their team is friendly, helpful and professional. Their Assisted Deployment service is well worth the cost of Premium membership and I recommend it to any web developer. The service has enabled me to get new websites deployed smoothly and without disrupting the client.

David Brown - Intergise

There is no easier way to develop WordPress websites on your local computer. DesktopServer lets me focus on the websites not the setup process all without having to sacrifice any power. The time or two I’ve needed support in my more than 3 (or 4) years using DesktopServer, the reply was real fast and got me straightened out first try.

Jason Hobbs

Finally switched from MAMP to DesktopServer – wow should have done this ages ago.

Bob Dunn(bobwp)

I first heard about DesktopServer at Wordcamp Phoenix after developing on a live site and paying dearly for my mistakes for several months.   Moving WordPress was always a painful experience that involved some tricks and patience.   I opted for the premium package because I liked how the application interfaced nicely with the Duplicator plugin and BackupBuddy.

The first site that I cloned was a very complex and included WordPress Multisite and Buddypress.   I thought for sure that DesktopServer would give me a white screen of death or a nasty 404 error.  Nope! DesktopServer set up a local instance of my site exactly as it looked live on my computer and I was left contemplating “That’s it? No hassles?”

Thank you ServerPress for letting me focus on customer service with my clients and not be caught in the weeds with a site staging and deploy.

Mauri Rummel

DesktopServer has revolutionized the way that I build and maintain WordPress sites. I just wish I had started using it sooner. I can’t imagine working without it now. This is truly a must have tool for anyone working with WordPress.

Kevin Denkers

DesktopServer has made my workflow and life so much easier! There is no way I’m developing WordPress websites without it. Ever. You can count on me being a long-term customer. DesktopServer is a must-have in my WordPress development toolbox. Thank you so much for simplifying website development. Keep up the great work! You guys rock!

Mike Keneqa

DesktopServer has made a tedious and time consuming process absolutely laughable. Love. This. Product.

Joey Rudisill

I started using ServerPress a few months ago and it could well be the best $$ I’ve spent this year! Used with Duplicator (really good and free plugin) it’s so fast to setup a local dev site and the direct deploy is equally useful for deploying new sites inc. changing URLs throughout sites.

Andrew Crystal

It’s great. The easiest way to work on local environment for WordPress. 5 stars for ServerPress. 🙂

Joan Boluda

Giving a shout out to Stephen Carroll. Just got around to trying out DesktopServer and it’s awwwesome! It totally rocks. Why I wasn’t using it before is beyond me.

Kim Blake Espinoza

Just for the record I installed DesktopServer on an older PC and older laptop both running XP Pro and am astonished at what a great product this is – just what I’m looking for. Installed first time on both occasions and created two dev sites on each without a hitch. Your support is both faultless and professional – you have a great product which deserves recommendation. – Thank you once again

Mark Pittman

I just want to say thank you for making such an amazing application with DesktopServer. I’ve used WAMPServer and all the others out there, and there is nothing that comes close to offering what DesktopServer does. It’s clean, it’s simple and it works. – Thank you very much for putting together such a great program.

Chris Barrett

DesktopServer is the resource for creating my own local installations of WordPress. My favorite thing is the simplicity of the set up. I’ve used XAMPP and MAMP and it took hours to configure and get things “just right.” It’s my go-to recommendation for anyone who wants to develop locally.

Dustin Hartzler

DesktopServer – best php / mysql / apache development platform for Mac and Windows! Oh and the best support.

Keith Developer

We were working with WAMP and MAMP and XAMP, and we discovered DesktopServer! It was a Revolution!:)


For those of you with WordPress websites who fancy a bit of offline editing I can’t recommend DesktopServer enough.

Simon Lyons

If you want to work on local WordPress websites and import/export with ease, I’ve just found an awesome solution: DesktopServer.

Tom Ewer

DesktopServer is sooooo fluffy!! Just paid for the premium version, worth every penny.


DesktopServer Wow your software will save me countless hours editing and testing my new website and without having to go live. Priceless!

Sandy Ostroff

DesktopServer Makes WordPress backup and updates so easy, I no longer have an excuse NOT to refresh my sites. Thanks

Diane Williams

Have I mentioned lately how much I love DesktopServer? Because I really love DesktopServer.

Shannon Garcia

I’ve actually had pretty good luck using DesktopServer for my Drupal dev as well. Even without the direct deploy.

Eric Sherred

“Got everything set up perfectly! ….becoming a big fan of your product!!”

Lucy Beer

We can’t even begin to tell you how efficient DesktopServer made us. It just rocks!

ELine Studio

I cannot say enough good things about DesktopServer(ServerPress) and your support. You’ve been great through this whole process. Let’s us designers be designers and not have to stress over all the technical stuff. Thank you so much!

Gennifer Richie

“Wow you’ve done a great job, it works flawlessly and looks amazing.”

“SWEET! …so far, this is one [email protected] product!”


Been using DesktopServer for my latest WordPress build and can’t imagine life without it now… especially with slow Coffee shop wifi…

Tyler Dow

Wow, when you have a proper development environment, things work so much easier. DesktopServer has been a lifesaver today.

Jodie Miners

Just got my first DesktopServer local WP site up and running. SO FAST. Move to a different folder – no prob. SO EASY. Highly recommended!

Jamie Schmid

If you don’t use it you’re losing time. DesktopServer is possibly the best kept secret for WordPress Developers.

Alex Vasquez

I just discovered DesktopServer. Steve created the best way to duplicate & develop my WordPress Websites! Highly recommended for WP dudes.

Carlos Galvan

DesktopServer rocks! It saves me tons of time – I can set up a dev site to work on in just a couple of minutes and then easily move it to the server to share with my client or with the world.

Natalie Maclees