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ServerPress Office Hours Episode 1: Introduction to DesktopServer Design-Time Plugins

In Episode 1, Gregg and Marc will be showing you how to use our Exclusive Design-Time Plugins for DesktopServer. We’ll then show you how to download and install our Mailbox Viewer plugin which gives you the ability to test all WordPress mail services on a local installation. It’s quick, it’s easy, and it’s free!

Show Notes:

2:12 – ServerPress News
4:00 – Description of Design-Time Plugins
7:57 – Start of Demo for Design Time Plugins
17:46 – Admin Color Bar Demo
22:54 – Airplane Mode Demo
26:37 – Local SSL Demo
32:30 – Mailbox Viewer installation and demo
47:20 – Viewer/Customer Q&A
1:24:00 – Wrap-up