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ServerPress Is Growing

ServerPress is Growing

The ServerPress Family is Growing!

Thanks to you, ServerPress has grown by leaps and bounds over the last two years. During that time we’ve introduced new features in our DesktopServer Software. Direct deploy, LAN sharing, and our latest achievement (and predecessor to DesktopServer v4.0): developer plugins! The enhancements we’ve released this year has given your local development more power than ever before.

Throughout this growth we recognized that with better software would come a larger DesktopServer community. And while a large, robust, DesktopServer community is awesome, we needed to be able to support our customers while still growing our product. While Gregg, Steve, and Marc have been able to keep things moving forward, we knew that in order to truly elevate the company, we needed to bring in some additional talent.

The Right Kind of Talent

It was decided that the two areas we needed the most help was Project Management and Development. However, finding the right fit is far more difficult than determining that you need the help. It was very important for us to be sure that the talent we brought on would fit well within our company. With Project Management, it was important to us the person we hired was not only able to handle organization of projects, but also needed to be proficient in all forms of communication, and have the patience to deal with three owners who are often distracted by shiny objects.

In all seriousness, this person needed to understand that, while ServerPress will always be our passion, so, too, are our families. This means managing the mix of work; that kind where we produce a product and service, and that other kind where we have things like doctor’s appointments, school functions, and good old fashioned family time. In other words we wanted to find someone who knows how to work around those challenges.

Sarah PresslerMeet Sarah Pressler, Our Digital Project Manager and Social Media Maven

Around the end of 2014, through a purely happenstance conversation, Sarah offered to help us review and edit the copy of a newsletter we were about to send. To call it editing is really an understatement. What resulted was an almost complete rewrite of the original. Throughout that process of collaboration, we decided that she might be a good fit for the ServerPress Team. Knowing she had previous Project Management experience was a huge plus and so, shortly after the newsletter was sent, we tendered an offer, which she accepted. She has been working with us, behind the scenes, since late December of 2013. We have waited to make an announcement regarding this as we had similar goals in that we wanted to be sure that we could all work together as a team on a long-term basis.

Since coming on, Sarah has been key in (if not totally responsible for) helping us to wrap up several projects such as the new website, develop a documentation strategy, bolster our social media, and put us on the path toward the release of DesktopServer 4.0. As a result, our sales have increased by nearly 60% since March, our Customer Support Queue time has averaged less than five minute response time, and we are progressing in a methodical, organized fashion towards v4.0. We still have a lot of ground to cover in all those areas, but we are on a good path, and she even has us excited about Basecamp! (Well, maybe not excited, but we’re at least using it now! Thanks, Sarah!)

If you’ve spent any time in the WordPress Community at all, you likely know who Sarah is. We are thrilled to have her officially join the ServerPress team. She has brought with her an amazing skill set along with the temperament needed to deal with three nerds who are on the constant mission to balance their family, their professional lives, and their goals to all own Tesla’s by 2016.

But what about a Developer?

Meet Nathan Tyler from Tyler Digital Image

At the outset of 2015, we knew that in order to move things at a quicker pace with our product offerings, we would need to bring in some help in the Development Department. And, like our need for a Project Manager, we needed someone who would be a great fit for the team, who had specific dev skills, and who was available. Those three things are not easy to find in one candidate!

After several months, we were able to narrow our search down and, to our great fortune, we were able to ink a deal with Tyler Digital. Nathan Tyler, its owner, has been someone we have known for a long time and his company was always on our short list of developers we would hire, given their availability. Beyond being a huge fan of DesktopServer, Nathan and his team have the exact skill set we need in order to really knock out the extensive to do lists that await him in those Basecamp Project Folders!

Nathan has over 10 years of experience, is an active contributing member of the WordPress Community, has several plugin contributions to the WordPress Repository. He is an all around stand-up guy with all the smarts needed to keep up with Steve. We cannot begin to tell you how excited we are to have Tyler Digital as part of the ServerPress Family.

His main day job will stay as-is, so no worries – TylerDigital isn’t going anywhere! He will continue to grow his business while working alongside ServerPress to help us get DesktopServer 4.0 and all the trimmings out the door and to you sooner than we can get to it on our own. We are really happy to have him with us and we hope you will enjoy the fruit of his labor too!

Bring It On, 2016!

Having a Project Manager & a Developer on board has helped our entire team to become more focused and the future of DesktopServer is bright. We are looking forward to all the great things that are both immediately at hand & soon to come. You can reach out and give Nathan and Sarah a warm welcome to the DesktopServer Community if you’d like!