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ServerPress Around WordPress

ServerPress Around WordPress

Not only have we been busy behind the scenes, but we’ve also been out and about both virtually and physically. Here are a few places we’ve been spotted.

Carlsbad WordPress Meetup: On February 11, Marc and Gregg made the trip down to Carlsbad and presented on WPSiteSync. During the presentation, we showed off how it could be used to synchronize single and bulk content as well as a preview of things to come. Our WooCommerce extension was right on the horizon and the level of excitement as this was live demoed was through the roof. As always, though, the fun at these meetups is not in the presentation but in answering the questions people had and being able to help people develop a better WordPress Workflow.

WordCamp Miami: The weekend of February 28 found us at WordCamp Miami. We got it in just under the wire as the world was starting to go into shelter mode. Despite the fact that it was scheduled around the same time as WordCamp Asia (which was canceled), and people travel was starting to subside, the turnout was really decent. WordCamp Miami is one of the bigger U.S. based WordCamps and this year did not disappoint. The sessions were awesome, but we go to meet our Community. During the weekend, we met lots of DesktopServer and WPSiteSync fans, both new and old. Connecting with our user-base is one of our favorite things to do and WordCamps are always a great way to do that! While this year was going to be a breakout year for ServerPress and our support of WordCamps, we’re glad that we were able to physically attend one of our favorite events of the year.

Orange County WordPress Meetup: On March 24, Marc and Dave were the featured presenters at the Orange County (CA) WordPress Meetup. This was a virtual meetup which was a new experience. None the less, the turnout was solid and the interaction was great. Steve Zehngut (Zeek Interactive) and Brandon Dove (Pixeljar) were the hosts and kept things rolling. The highlight was having Dave present to answer the technical questions. As the architect and author of WPSiteSync, there is nothing better than having him there to answer all the technical questions, talk about the struggles in the creation of our WPSiteSync for WooCommerce extension, and where we’re going with WPSiteSync. This meetup was captured and you can watch it on YouTube. Give it a watch!

We were also featured on Bob Dunn’s “Do the Woo” with a tutorial on WPSiteSync. In his video, he shows you how easy it is to use WPSiteSync for WooCommerce to synchronize content between two sites (local to live, staging to live, etc). If you are a WooCommerce developer, check out his site. He has a lot of great resources and information regarding WooCommerce and its implementation. You can watch his tutorial here

In one of GiveWP’s latest articles, Marc was featured where he gave his advice and talked about his experience with creating and implementing a Crisis Communication Plan. In the article, Marc talks about an event that took place in which the internet service provider he worked for was hacked and what he learned from it. Marc is very passionate about Crisis Management and was able to share what he feels are some of the ingredients necessary in order to create and implement a good Crisis Management plan.

Lastly, we have been proud sponsors of WPWatercooler and WPBlab. These are weekly podcasts hosted by Jason Tucker where they cover a whole host of subjects related to WordPress. WPWatercooler is a panel of WordPress folks who talk about anything and everything WordPress. On WPBlab, Jason and his co-host Bridget discuss WordPress and marketing with a weekly guest. Their shows are always highly interactive, entertaining, and informative and great shows to have running while you’re doing your WordPress work. If you’re looking for regular content to listen to, why not tune in?

Do you host a WordPress meetup? Are you looking for guest presenters? Let us know! We’re happy to present virtually no matter where you are!