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Recharging Your Batteries Increases Productivity

Recharging your Batteries increases Productivity

At ServerPress, we work a lot! Some days, we work so much we forget to eat. Whether it’s answering support tickets for DesktopServer or designing the next Add-On for WPSiteSync, we forget we are not robots with infinite energy.

To add balance to our dedication, we offer our team members Battery Recharge Days so they can properly take care of their mental and physical health. Besides seeing skyrocketing productivity, we’ve noticed a couple of extra perks.

Perk #1: Battery Recharge Days Encourage Clear Communication.

Instead of “calling in sick”, we openly share that we need a Battery Recharge Day, without the fear of being judged. This has created a safe environment on our team. The end result is that we have an unspoken bond among team members.

When we feel safe on the team, we voice our opinions freely, without hesitation. This translates to heightened productivity as we are able to make sound product decisions quickly in an open forum where we consider various perspectives and create solutions efficiently and with less effort.

Perk #2: Battery Recharge Days Benefit Customers.

With Battery Recharge Days, we have the freedom to pace ourselves. As a result, we produce top quality code quicker. We are also happier when we help our customers,  and we are definitely more excited to share our Development Roadmap. This has been one of our secrets to success and why we are seen as a Customer Support leader in the WordPress Community.

It Takes Preparation.

If you are thinking about implementing Battery Recharge Days on your Team, we suggest trying this with a selected group in your Organization first. It’s really a practice of proactively living a good life rather than reacting to constant exhaustion.

A huge lesson in this process is that we’ve learned to recognize when we are hitting a wall before we hit that wall. We don’t wait until we are totally depleted before speaking up. This prevents chaos on the Team.

There’s nothing worse than having someone missing when we are trying to meet a deadline. If we can help it, we alert the Team Lead we may need time off soon, even if we end up not needing the day off. This will help the Team stay on track with the Production Calendar knowing someone may be absent. One very real perk is you won’t be getting those pesky emergency calls on your days off!

Robots Need Maintenance, Too!

Working in the tech industry, it is easy to forget we are humans. Learning to grant ourselves permission to relax is an ongoing practice. Humans need proper exercise, nutrition, and mental breaks to function at peak performance. Taking mini-breaks often will prevent burnout. Remember that even robots need to shut down once in awhile for maintenance.

It’s a Privilege Not to be Abused.

Lastly, all of us on the Team know Battery Recharge Days is a privilege not to be abused. If you are considering it for your Team, you may be concerned whether someone will abuse it. The reality is it may happen depending on your Team Dynamic.

Everyone on our Team understands that when one of us is down, it’s detrimental to our progress. Each of us know if someone abuses it, the privilege may be removed for that person. It’s as simple as that. If this type of behavior continues, we may want to visit the possibility that the team member in question may not be a good fit in our Organization.

The funny thing is that not only do we not abuse this privilege, it has the opposite effect on our Team. we have grown so close as a Team, we refuse to let each other down. In the process, we have also learned to take care of ourselves so our team members can count on us long term!

If done right, not only will you have team members at their peak performance, you will also have a very tight unit that will make magic happen for your Company!

Give it a shot. Tell us how it goes.