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Goofing Around Pays Off In Our Product Development Meeting

Goofing around pays off in our Product Development Meeting

Nothing wrong having a bit a fun while we have a serious product development meeting.  Besides working hard, we goofed around a bit in our meetings. And we have a picture to prove it.   

Yes.  There is a point to this God awful picture of us.  Noticed Stephen J. Carnam, our Founder, is not in the picture?  Well, you guessed it.  He was the cameraman behind the panorama picture. But if you look closely, you can see him on the computer screen.

The importance of regular product development meetings.

Without a doubt,  discussing new features and releases is always on the agenda during our product development meetings.  Determining realistic timelines will be a very close second among the various topics we cover. But the most important to us, in every meeting, is our commitment in a positive User Experience.  We talk about real life use cases from support tickets and try to predict the unexpected as much as possible.  

Our panorama picture is a good example.  Stephen gave us instructions not to move. So what do I do?  I move my head into 3 or 4 different positions like I do with a selfie.  The result speaks for itself.  Gorgeous! (Yes.  That was sarcasm.)  Then there was our Operations Manager, Marc Benzakein.  He decided it’d be really cute to move to a different spot altogether so he shows up twice in the photo.  Little did we know, we ended up seeing a floating head while he was moving.  

Is this the app’s fault?  Absolutely not.  The technology did what it promised, which is compiling a panoramic image.  But fringe cases like this makes it impossible for the development team to cover all scenarios in product testing.

How does that relate to our products?

We learn something new every week from customers.  For example, DesktopServer may not work as expected because of a piece of installed software that was written in German (true story).  Once in a while, we get customers with neighborhood hosting providers that have special security protocols conflicting with our products.  

Things can be unpredictable but we welcome them.  

Why?  Because we learn.  With each special case, it’s an opportunity to better our products.  Thanks to our incredible Support Team, we not only help customers when they have questions, they offer crucial data to our development team so we can continue serving our customers worldwide.  Software is a living breathing entity and as such, it needs to evolve just as the world around it evolves.

We want feedback.

How can we help you?  Post comments below.  We want to hear new feature ideas and how we can improve.  If you have positive comments, we want to hear those too.  The positive responses are what motivate us each day in our Mission to improve development workflow, one station at a time.