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Plugin Recommendation: Clef

Plugin Recommendation: Clef

How many passwords do you remember? More importantly, how often do you forget a password? On average, we need to remember more than 25 passwords each, and almost half of us would rather clean a toilet than think up a new one. If you’re managing WordPress sites for clients, it’s probably even worse. We built Clef to kill passwords and solve that problem with a free plugin.

But making your life easier is just the beginning. The WordPress Security team says that “The weakest link in the security of anything you do online is your password. It’s the key to your site, your email, your social networking accounts or any other online service you use. If your password is easy to guess, your online identity is vulnerable.” (

Protecting your WordPress sites is important and remembering different passwords can be a huge pain. Clef wraps secure public key cryptography (the same stuff used to deploy code on GitHub) and recognizes you by your smartphone instead of anything you need to remember or type. It makes logging in safer and easier.

On any computer in the world, hold your phone up to the screen and you’re instantly logged in.

It’s two-factor authentication that makes your life simpler.

The New York Times describes logging in with Clef as “magical” and the free plugin has been downloaded more than 70,000 times in the year since it was first released. You can find more information about Clef at or download the plugin at