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Our Brick & Mortar Picks

Our Brick & Mortar Picks

In the current world that we live in, so many businesses are finding themselves in the position of having to create new and innovative ways to keep their companies going. Restaurants are staying open by offering delivery, takeout, and curbside pickup while others are focusing more on their online sales efforts. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be covering a business or two that has had to do things differently in order to grow their organization. Our hope is that should you find a need and have the ability, you’ll support their business.

In our first edition, Marc has a couple of picks that he’d like to share. These are businesses that he supports and knows the owners.

The first one is Fit Pro Milwaukee. Fitpro Milwaukee is not just your average run of the mill gym. They are staffed with world-class trainers and focus on one-on-one customized programs that work for each individual. Their goal is not to grow by leaps and bounds overnight, but to help each member be their best self through developing consistent lifestyle habits.

From their website: “We are unbreakable in our belief that a consistent, effective, and strong workout routine will enhance every aspect of your life. It will make you a better professional, parent, and/or spouse. We have the right location, the right equipment, the right tools, and the right fitness professionals for you. If you get your workout in before, during or after work and make it consistent, you will witness EVERY part of your life improve – we guarantee!”

What are they doing differently? Nick Holtzman (owner) has been virtually training Marc through Zoom and other video conferencing software for over two years. It all started when Marc would travel to various WordCamps and would need to continue his fitness routine. As a result, Nick has a jump on other trainers because he has been able to successfully develop programs that work through a remote setting. During that time he has helped Marc lose over 60 pounds and create those lifestyle habits needed to stay in good health.

What Marc says: “Nick and his whole crew have been nothing but supportive since Day One. They know what it is to be human and are only interested in your long-term success. Not only am I proud of my fitness accomplishments that I KNOW would not have happened without Nick’s help, but I am proud to consider Nick a good friend. If you’re looking to change your life, give them a call!”

Give them a shot and take advantage of their offer of a free week of online training.

The second business is Grim Bean Coffee Company. Owned by Mark and Sandi
Laratonda, Grim Bean is a fair trade roaster. According to Mark, they were motivated to start their own company when they discovered that coffee does not have to taste bitter. Located in Pennsylvania, they specialize in experimenting with different unique flavor and bean combinations. 

From their website: We love coffee (mainly because we are not morning people). We love farming. We love simplicity. We love fair trade and organic products. We are fun, quirky, spirited individuals with the same dream: excellent coffee. Out of these ideals (and many bleary-eyed mornings), Grim Bean Coffee was born.”

What are they doing differently? Because they have had to shut down their physical location temporarily, they have been putting a greater focus on their online and mail-order sales. They’re constantly trying out new flavor combinations so you’ll want to visit their site often to see what new forms of liquid gold this coffee alchemist has come up with.

What Marc says: “I was fortunate enough to meet Mark through an online chat room where we’ve gotten to know each other through our shared interest in stock trading. After ordering some of his coffee, I became an instant fan. Not only is Mark a great guy, but he has a knack for finding combinations that enhance the beans natural flavor instead of overpowering it like so many roasters do. Plus, their coffee is roasted just the way I like it.”

So, if you like coffee and want something a little different, give Grim Bean a try. You just might become a customer for life! (They also have some super cool merchandise for sale!)

These are just a couple of great small businesses that we love. Supporting small businesses not only helps the economy but you’re also helping out a couple of great families!

Have a small brick and mortar business that you like? Let us know who they are, what you like about them, and what they’re doing differently. We just might give them a mention!