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New DesktopServer Plugin Tutorials By Zac Gordon Coming Soon

New DesktopServer Plugin Tutorials by Zac Gordon Coming Soon

Since releasing DesktopServer version 3.8, we have added quite a few plugin options for both our Limited and Premium members. We needed to make tutorials demonstrating how all the plugins worked, but our primary video tutorial team member has had his hands full with an ever changing home life the past couple of months. And that’s OK because family-life is something all our team members are committed to protecting. Family first is not just a saying around here, it is a way of life and a way of doing business. But – it can cause professional bottlenecks but we work hard to manage this pain-point.

SO – guess what?!

While we were at WordCamp US, we had the chance to visit with Zac Gordon. Zac, if you aren’t aware, is a Professional WordPress educator with over 10 years experience in the field. Zac shared he would soon announce a departure from Treehouse, where he recorded and produced online courses for WordPress. We wasted no time in asking Zac to help us produce some tutorial videos for our current set of DesktopServer plugins and everything fell right into place.

For the last couple of weeks, our whole team has been working closely with Zac to get the videos done, packaged up, and ready for release. We have enjoyed seeing Zac’s work so far and cannot wait to be able to share them all with you. We love what he’s delivered to us so far, and we’re sure you will, too.

Read what Zac has to say about DesktopServer:

“​I learned about Desktop Server from the WordPress Training team and have not looked back since.  I use it on all my personal and professional projects as well as recommend it to all of my students. It’s so easy, yet still has features I’m just learning about!”

Zac will soon be releasing his very own JavaScript for WordPress Master Course:

The JavaScript for WordPress Master Course from WordPress teacher, Zac Gordon, will be a combination of 8-9 courses covering the topics of JavaScript in Core, the REST API, major JS frameworks used with WordPress (Backbone, Angular, React), workflow tools, as well as walk throughs of real world examples showing all of this in action. **​As a special bonus for all you DesktopServer fans, Zac is covering DesktopServer in the workflow tools course.

The DesktopServer tutorials with Zac should be ready within a few weeks, and his JavaScript for WordPress Master Course is scheduled to release in a few months. We will be sure to keep you posted.