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New DesktopServer Version 3.6.2 Released

New DesktopServer Version 3.6.2 Released

A new version of DesktopServer (version 3.6.2) is now available. While we are actively working on our next major release of version 4.0, we have decided to push out a small update that takes care of a few issues with previous versions of DesktopServer.

Update Instructions

For new installations, please follow the “Install and Upgrade Steps” section on the Installing DesktopServer page.

Change Log

  • Fixed prepend.php to resolve certain issues that occur with Ajax and other third-party themes and plugins.
  • Switched z-lib compression to ‘off’ by default in php.ini to resolve issues where updating multiple plugins and themes no longer hangs UI in Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers (affects Windows users only).
  • Updated GPL licensing information and legal contact address information.
  • Included WordPress 3.8.1 in Blueprints

Includes our recent version 3.6.0 changes. Please click here for details.

Note: this version no longer supports Macintosh PowerPC architecture.