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New DesktopServer Version 3.5.7 Released

New DesktopServer Version 3.5.7 Released

A new version of DesktopServer (version 3.5.7) is now available in our downloads section. This version includes important updates to both our free DesktopServer Limited and DesktopServer Premium version.

Update Instructions

For new installations, please follow the “Install and Upgrade Steps” section on the Installing DesktopServer page.

Change Log

This version (3.5.7) includes the following updates:

  • New “Deploy database only” allows use of third party file management (FTP/Git/IDE clients).
  • New support for Direct Deploy of large databases via “chunk” processing.
  • New UI feedback provides more accurate progress bar and DB file count.
  • New “Sites” button for listing projects, aliases, and built-in utilities.
  • Build number now appears on localhost/sites page.
  • Version number now appears in title bar.
  • Override limited memory & timeout operations on limited servers to reduce “500 errors”.
  • Optimized cleanup of project/version folders (.git, .svn, etc.) for faster exports.
  • Updated phpMyAdmin to latest “3.X” series, version
  • Updated default WordPress core to 3.5.2.
  • Updated default WordPress core to 3.6.0.
  • Ability to override TLD.
  • Fixes USE db; and CREATE DATABASE db; causing errors on import scripts.
  • Fixes backupbuddy_backups from exports resulting in excessive file sizes.
  • Fixes incorrect Multisite siteurl on imports with more than 5 domains.
  • Fixes Nil Object Error when sharing a site with an empty database.
  • Fixes domain name issues on non-casesensitive operating systems.
  • Fixes BackWP Up issue causing “missing database error”.
  • Fixes residue BackupBuddy archives on import.
  • Fixes interfering ds-deploy folders on import.
  • Fixes file path link wrapping on export page.
  • Limits error message box maximum window size.