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New DesktopServer Version 3.5.0 Released

New DesktopServer Version 3.5.0 Released

Note: Existing users should follow the How to Install DesktopServer’s upgrade instructions to preserve existing websites. Note: Manual installation will ERASE existing sites and is not recommended.

A new version of DesktopServer (version 3.5.0) is now available in our downloads section. This version includes important updates and new functionality to both our free DesktopServer Limited and DesktopServer Premium version. Updates to documentation to follow.

Update Instructions

  1. Download the ZIP archive for your specific platform (Windows or Macintosh) from your account.
  2. Unpack the ZIP archive (right-click, Extract All… on Windows) and run (right-click, Open) the Install DesktopServer icon.
  3. Select the default ‘Upgrade DesktopServer’ followed by the Continue button; DO NOT select “uninstall” (uninstall will delete your existing data).

After upgrade, you must start DesktopServer to turn on Apache and MySQL services.

Change Log

This version (3.5.0) includes the following updates:

  • New native import/export engine is many times faster than previous & competing scripted (PHP) solutions.
  • New “Customize scrubbing options” screen provides simplified and more powerful data translations.
  • New import support for .zip files containing full backups made with InfiniteWP and ManageWP.
  • New private localhost page for version info, phpMyAdmin and development websites links.
  • New sharing support for external Internet IP address (with IP address auto-discovery).
  • New support for .zip files in Blueprints folder for easier WordPress core updates.
  • New support for pre-configured database content in Blueprints folder.
  • New move feature with support for secondary and external hard disks.
  • New longer, enhanced, authentication keys and salts generation.
  • Now includes WordPress 3.5.1 core files in blueprints folder.
  • Fixes for updated Coda 2 + Diet Coda AirPreview; restores broken previewing functionality.
  • Fixes “MySQL Server has gone away” error on Windows systems with limited memory.
  • Fixes import and export “no primary key” error with third party plugins and themes.
  • Fixes “Not Responding” CPU hogging on Windows systems with limited resources.
  • Fixes acquiring wrong LAN IP address when sharing on certain Windows systems.
  • Fix, media/content editing on shares updates guid, correcting domain name.
  • Fix, auto-heals corrupted serialized and “double serialized” PHP objects.
  • Fix, now remembers file browsing path when using a native open dialog.
  • Fix, now supports server root path migration in proprietary locations.
  • Fix, increased MySQL max data packet size for more stable imports.
  • Fix, native file I/O threads now optimized for Mac and Windows.
  • Fix, missing apache/logs folder on certain Windows systems.
  • Fix, localhost security error on Macintosh systems.
  • Fix, main window on Mac can now be minimized.

Known Issues

Here is the list of current known issues (which will be fixed in the next released):

  • The original quick-deploy.php script is missing from the installation. You can download it here:
  • Selecting a blank non-WordPress website causes a Nil Object exception. You can work around this by creating a regular WordPress site and deleting the files prior to installation.