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New DesktopServer Version 3.4.0 Released

New DesktopServer Version 3.4.0 Released

Note: We have a new easy install process. Existing users should use our update instructions below to preserve existing sites.

A new version of DesktopServer (version 3.4.0) is now available in our downloads section. This version includes important updates and new functionality to both our free DesktopServer Limited and DesktopServer Premium version.

Update Instructions

  1. Download the ZIP archive for your specific platform (Windows or Macintosh) from your account.
  2. Unpack the ZIP archive (double-click on Macintosh/right-click, Extract All… on Windows) and run (double-click) the Install DesktopServer icon.
  3. Select ‘Upgrade DesktopServer’ followed by the Continue button.

After upgrade, you must start DesktopServer to turn on Apache and MySQL services.

Change Log

This version (3.4.0) includes the following updates:

  • New support for Panic Inc.’s Coda 2 web design editing tool allows direct theme file previewing.
  • New support for local area network sharing allows cross-platform and mobile device testing.
  • New Trace utility application implements a new output console window for PHP debugging.
  • New support for blueprints, import, and export with WordPress in its own directory.
  • New native, platform specific installer with easy upgrade option and clean uninstall.
  • New security implementation allows phpMyAdmin, XAMPP only from localhost.
  • Now includes WordPress 3.4.0 core files in the blueprints folder.
  • Now includes updated phpMyAdmin 3.5.1.
  • Fix, ignores hidden system folders causing Nil Object error when updating blueprints on Mac OS X.
  • Fix, enhanced 32bit and 64bit file system i/o on Windows for faster import, export, removal.
  • Fix, now supports custom database prefixes when importing, exporting, and copying sites.
  • Fix, ignores whitespace issues in wp-config.php when generated from Fantastico.
  • Fix, Windows XP now properly obtains software update notifications.
  • Fix, supports short_open_tag on Windows PHP implementation.
  • Fix, now supports copy, cut, paste on text fields in Mac OS X.
  • Fix, now resets file permissions on Mac OS X systems.
  • Fix, MySQL buffer overruns on Windows.