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New DesktopServer V.3.8.3 Release!

New DesktopServer v.3.8.3 Release!

We are excited to announce the release of DesktopServer version 3.8.3.

This version has a few new features and some small bug fixes designed to give you a more stable working environment and improve your workflow. Some of the notable changes are as follows:

Fixed an improper PHP short tag in the phpinfo.php file.
Fixed a Windows-specific problem where files are set with a System attribute, blocking the ability to upgrade WordPress.
We did compatibility testing with WordPress version 4.7 to ensure there are no problems with this latest release of WordPress.
Updated the SSL certificates shipped with DesktopServer to remove expired warnings.
We updated some DesktopServer plugins: WP-CLI is now at version 10.0 and Airplane Mode is now 0.2.2.
Added a new DesktopServer plugin, “Database Collation Fix” – which automatically removes any references to the ‘utf8mb4_unicode_520_ci’ collation algorithm and change it to the more backward compatible ‘utf8mb4_unicode_ci’ collation. This makes moving, importing and exporting between MySQL versions easier since the database is more portable.
Updates to our QuickDeploy tool, providing better error recovery and messages and to handle port number references within the DB_HOST constant.

The “Database Collation Fix” Plugin is currently only available with DesktopServer Premium Version.  This plugin isn’t dependent on DesktopServer. It will run on any WordPress install on any host. So if you’re using a different migration tool like Updraft Plus, or Backup Buddy, it still changes your Collation Algorithm, allowing these other tools greater reliability when migrating sites between MySQL versions.

If you are already a Member, simply login to your “My Account” and upgrade to DesktopServer v.3.8.3 at no additional cost.  If you are currently using the Limited version, consider signing up for DesktopServer Premium where you can easily Import, Export and Move a Site in seconds!

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Get started today with the Premium Version DesktopServer. If you are not quite ready, try our FREE Limited Version. Do what you love with the time you save!