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Marc Joins WPRoundTable As Panelist, Interviews Brad Williams

Marc Joins WPRoundTable as Panelist, Interviews Brad Williams

WPRoundTable HOA #45: Join My Cult, Get Free Toaster

Last month, Marc joined the crew over at WPRoundTable for their weekly Google Hangout On Air event. If you missed the episode, you can catch it on YouTube. Just be prepared to enjoy some good laughs. While Marc is always full of information and wisdom, he can also be very entertaining. Consider the title of this WordPress podcast – what in the world do cults and free toasters have to do with anything?! You’ll have to check out the episode to find out!

WPRoundTable has been around for almost a year now and they’re growing strong. You can see the full list of podcasts they’ve recorded, to date, on their Schedule Page. 

Join Marc Weekly on WPRoundTable

The WPRoundTable crew had so much fun with Marc being on the show that they offered him a regular spot on the weekly hangout. This past Monday, Marc co-hosted his first podcast with the WPRoundTable gang when they shared the spotlight with none other than the WordPress Podcast Man himself, Brad Williams, co-owner and CEO at WebDevStudios, and who also hosts the WordPress Famous DradCast. Marc and the crew enjoyed getting to know Brad a little better – outside of the hiatus of a WordCamp and we’ve included the video below.

You can catch future WPRoundTable episodes every Monday night at 8/7 CST.

WPRoundTable HOA #51: Brad Williams

Why, Yes – We Would LOVE to be on Your PodCast!

We enjoy talking about everything related to WordPress design, development, WordCamps, MeetUps, running a WordPress based business, building software, building teams, managing customer service and support, and anything in between. We are passionate about helping designers and developers create efficient workflows using local development and we’d love to share more about what we do at ServerPress with you. If you’re interested in having Marc, Gregg or Stephen on the show please feel free to contact us.