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Laughter Increases Team Productivity

Laughter increases Team Productivity

Writing code is the easy part, believe it or not! Product testing can be very stressful, full of disappointments. Over the years, we have mastered the skill of jumping right back on the horse to continue riding through the forest (or over the mountains or, insert your favorite “riding the horse” metaphor here). We are crediting this success to the Power of Laughter.

As we prepare for the Release of DesktopServer 3.8.2, I noticed something on our Team. We laugh. We laugh a lot, even under stress. So, I started observing to see exactly how laughter has benefited our lives.

#1 Laughter creates Synergy.

In order to keep things light, many of us post fun stuff in Slack, from vacation photos to youtube videos. We have a dedicated channel for things that are not time sensitive; things people can read when they need a break.

Since we work in various time zones, we have found that being able to do this solidifies the team atmosphere so we don’t feel isolated when working by ourselves. A huge positive side effect of this is that the jokes last for hours rather than the typical 5 seconds standing by a water cooler in a physical office. Every time someone new laughs at the joke, we all laugh again.

Because of this, the communication throughout the day is ongoing. We feel like a team!

#2 Laughter ups Productivity.

Because we laugh so much, we are able to work longer hours and navigate through many obstacles even when we are exhausted. Work no longer feels like work for us. We feel like we are hanging out with friends who happened to have the same passion in building Awesome Products.

Sometimes, friendly competition occurs naturally. We are able to work faster and write smarter code riding on each others passion. The end result is that our energy multiplies.

#3 Laughter encourages Creativity.

When features are not working per design, we get disappointed. That’s a reality in Software Development. In order to keep things light, friendly banter happens. We have long ago agreed that when it comes to jokes, it’s an HR Free zone at our Company. We want to encourage participation ensuring that no one will be reported for sharing something they thought was funny but ended up offending someone. By removing the stress of “walking on eggshells” when we interact, we are able to focus our energies on better, more creative things.

What we’ve learned is that this not only opens up a dialog between coworkers but when we can joke around without limitations, we end up dreaming up solutions without limitations.

So, laugh a little today.

Actually, laugh a lot everyday. We are confident this is what makes our team so strong. Comment below. We’d love to know what works on your team!