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How To Upgrade DesktopServer To WordPress 3.3

How to Upgrade DesktopServer to WordPress 3.3

Now that WordPress 3.3 is out, you may wish to update DesktopServer which originally comes with WordPress 3.2.1. You can easily update DesktopServer to create websites using WordPress 3.3 from the start. Likewise, you can have DesktopServer use a custom build (such as WordPress in a specific language) by simply updating DesktopServer’s blueprint folder. The blueprints folder will also allow you to have more then one version of WordPress to select from when you use DesktopServer’s “Create a new development website” option. This flexibility also allows you to include your most commonly used plugins and theme frameworks should you wish to do so. But keeping a lean and basic installation is a good idea for quickly creating sites for testing and development.

Updating to WordPress 3.3 is easy. Start by going to and download the latest version of WordPress. Simply unzip it into your blueprints folder as a sub-folder and name it something meaningful (i.e. “WordPress 3.3”). For more information please see our related post, “Using the Blueprints Folder for WordPress 3.3 Beta 1”.

Updating Existing Sites on Mac OS X

In most cases, updating existing websites from 3.2.1 to 3.3 simply involves clicking the “Update Now” notification from WordPress’ administration menu. However, Mac OS X users may encounter a known permission issue “Warning: copy… Installation failed” error. This problem can easily be remedied by refreshing the read/write permissions on your website’s folder (i.e. Documents/Websites/ Visit the folder and control + click (right click) the folder followed by selecting the “Get Info” menu item from the pop-up context menu. Unlock the folder using the unlock icon, followed by the “Apply to enclosed items” drop down menu on the gear icon at the bottom of the window. You should be able to refresh or visit your site’s WordPress admin upgrade page and click “Update Now” at the bottom of the screen (note: if you already attempted this, your admin stylesheet may appear broken but the “Update Now” button is still at the bottom of the webpage).


By default, DesktopServer places your website within a Websites parent folder. It may be more convenient to apply the permissions fix to the parent Websites folder so that all of you sites can be updated without issues.