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High Performers Need To Feed Their Soul

High Performers need to Feed their Soul

Marc likes to give. Marc loves his foster kids, including those who were able to reunite with their birth families. They forever live in his Heart. Opening up his home is not enough for Marc. He takes care of each one after they return home. What can we say? He goes above and beyond the call of duty in every aspect of his Life. That’s his way. That’s our Marc.

It has been really hot across the nation. Where he lives, the temperature has been consistently in the high 90’s with dense humidity. He went out and bought air conditioning units for his foster children who have returned home. He took the time to install each one meticulously because caring is in his blood. Caring feeds his Soul.

What’s the point of this story?

The point I’m trying to make here is that part of our company Success lies in our passion in supporting our Team Members with their personal Mission. If we each find time to feed our Soul on a daily basis, we are able to work better and faster. Our Team benefits as a whole, resulting in delivering the best to our Customers.

How do we still provide quality work?

Being on a remote team takes discipline. As much as we encourage our team members to feed their Soul during the day, we also have taken the time over the years to construct a High Performance team who can deliver what they promised with consistency. As a result, we have dramatically increased the rate at which we are hitting our deadlines.

One of the things we do with great result is that we openly tell each other what we have going on for the day so we know when each team member will be away from his or her desk.

We also utilize our Google Calendar and Slack channel. Having a shared calendar has really helped us in knowing where everyone is so we don’t waste time tracking someone down. Since Marc is 2 hours ahead of many of us, he often posts a note early in the morning if he’s running late, or on an errand, so we know what’s happening in his world.

In order to get things done, we rely on pre-planning and clear communication. Our Company Structure is set up to provide laser focus on our Production Calendar while empowering each Team Member on a personal level.

High Performers need to feed their Soul.

High Performers not only provide top notch work but we have a deep passion for Humanity. The more we feed our Soul, the higher we perform.

If you are a High Performer but feel like something is missing, we highly recommend incorporating your personal passion into the daily schedule.

If you are looking to hire High Performers, please know this freedom formula doesn’t work for every Company but it can benefit you in more ways than one if it ends up being a good fit.  The only way to know for sure is to try it out!

Please share with us how you feed your Soul during your work day. Tell us how your Business has benefited from this.

Thinking about Fostering?  Check out Marc and Jessica’s blog,  Alternatively, connect with Marc!  He’d be excited to share with you all the ways you can help out, even if fostering is not quite right for you at this time.