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Here Comes WordPress 3.8

Here Comes WordPress 3.8

Just when you got all your sites upgraded to 3.7.1, there’s talk about the release of 3.8. So goes the evolution of WordPress. With 3.8 just around the corner we thought it might be helpful to talk about how you can test out some of the possible features that are coming on a local developed website.

Currently, there are four proposed plugins in the feedback stage: DASH, MP6, Omnisearch and THX38.


DASH changed “WordPress Blog”, “Other WordPress News”, and “Plugins” to form the new simplified “WordPress News.”
“Recent Comments” was merged into an “Activity” widget, which now also shows you any scheduled posts and your most recently published posts.
“QuickPress” into “Quick Drafts” putting the emphasis more on drafting ideas than publishing, and we merged in “Recent Drafts”.
Removed the “Number of columns” screen option. Instead the dashboard is now responsive, and shows the appropriate number of columns based on your screen resolution.
The Right Now widget was visually reduced.

Here are a few extras:
Removed incoming links (which doesn’t seem to really work anymore).
Replaced the “Dashboard” H2 title with a fun group of friendly welcome text and idioms.
Added a several more hooks for greater extensibility from any of the dashboard widgets.
There’s a fun little smiley if you delete all posts and comments


MP6 is designed to modernize the WordPress dashboard and has been out for a while. It’s been downloaded over 88,000 times at the time of this writing. Its purpose is to improve the contrast and readability of the WordPress Dashboard by using Open Sans and creating more white space.


Omnisearch is an improved search that gives you three new ways to search:
A Dashboard Widget
An admin page under the Dashboard
Add a search box to the admin bar
Presents a page of results grouped by posts, pages, media, etc.


THX38 streamlines the presentation of themes and moves the description to a details overlay as well as speeding up the performance of theme browsing and search. Additionally, it adds a fully responsive design for a better experience on mobile devices. One of the most visible improvements includes support for multiple screenshots per theme and a bigger display.

Follow these steps in order to give these new improvements a test-drive in a local environment utilizing DesktopServer::

Open Desktop Server and click “Create a new development website.”
Give the test site a name. Example:
Choose a blueprint if you like or select the default WordPress install
After the install is created log into the dashboard and go to the plugins menu item –>. Add plugins.
You can find all of the plugins are in the repository except DASH. (you can download DASH to your desktop and then place in your wp-content/plugins directory)

Here are the direct links to each plugin:

Play around with these test it with other plugins that you currently use on your live sites. We don’t know at this time which ones will make it in. You can read about the progress and comment on these improvements at