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Have You Checked Out Our YouTube Channel Lately?

Have You Checked Out Our YouTube Channel Lately?

We’ve been spending a lot of time lately updating our YouTube channel with new content to help you get the most out of DesktopServer and WPSiteSync. Most of the videos are about five minutes long and are designed to be easy to follow. We’ll be adding more tutorial videos in the weeks to come, so tune in and feel free to subscribe to get updates every time we launch a new one!

Here’s a list of time-saving video tutorials we’ve created in the last couple of weeks:

How to Use WPSiteSync for WooCommerce
In this video, we go over how easy it is to synchronize products between two sites using WPSiteSync. This is useful for working in a sandbox environment such as local development or staging and, once tested, pushing the content to a live site. No downtime. No loss of sales data. Just push a button and it’s done. You can learn more about WPSiteSync for Woo Commerce here.

How to Synchronize Data in Bulk Using WPSiteSync for Bulk Actions
WPSiteSync for Content is a free plugin on the WordPress Repository. It allows you to synchronize single pieces of content on two or more WordPress sites. However, if you need to synchronize more than one piece of content at a time, you’ll want to use WPSiteSync for Bulk Actions. This will allow you to synchronize multiple pieces of content at once. Works with Posts, Pages, Custom Post Types and many eCommerce platforms such as WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads. In this video we show you how simple it is to synchronize Posts, Pages, and Products in WooCommerce by just clicking a button.

How to Synchronize Easy Digital Downloads (EDD) Content Between Two WordPress Sites
Easy Digital Downloads is a fantastic WordPress plugin for companies that have an online eCommerce presence selling digital products. One of the issues that occurs in a workflow, however, is that once you have everything live, updating content can be difficult without doing it on your production site. With WPSiteSync for EDD, product synchronization between two or more sites can be as easy as a simple mouse-click. In this video we show you how to do it.

How to Create a WooCommerce Staging Site on Liquid Web’s Managed WordPress Hosting
Part of a proper WordPress Development Workflow many times includes the use of a staging site. In this video, we cover how to take a WooCommerce site that was created locally and manually deploy it to both a live and staging server maintained on Liquid Web’s Managed WordPress Hosting service. In about ten minutes, you will learn how to manually deploy your site and maintain a proper workflow.

How to Use WPSiteSync to Synchronize Data to Multiple Servers (From Local to Staging to Live)
WPSiteSync is a powerful workflow tool that allows you to synchronize content between two or more sites. In this video, we show you how to go from a local instance to Staging and then from Staging to Live allowing you the ability to build and test all you want without ever risking data loss or a downed website.

Using DesktopServer’s Dynamic and Latest Blueprint
One of DesktopServer’s many powerful features is the ability to utilize created blueprints that contain a standard set of themes and plugins configured however you like for quick, consistent WordPress site generation. With Dynamic Blueprints, you’ll always be sure to get the latest versions of WordPress, themes and plugins when you go to create your site (internet connection required). In this video, we go over the use of our WordPress Latest Blueprint ( which is shipped standard with DesktopServer Premium or can be downloaded from Github. Keep an eye out for more DesktopServer Dynamic Blueprints as we make them available on our repository and check back here for new tutorial videos designed to make your WordPress Workflow more efficient!