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Get To Know Dave Jesch

Get to know Dave Jesch

This past weekend we attended WordCamp Orange County. Not only was it fun to see old friends, it was great to see Team members gather in celebration of the new Partnership with Dave Jesch.

Overwhelming feedback.

The response for the new Partnership was incredible! We thought it was a good thing but having a crowd of top Professionals endorsing this bold move made everyone on our Team even more excited.

What’s the game plan?

With Dave Jesch on board, Stephen will no longer be the sole Architect and Project Lead. This will speed up our development process for DesktopServer and ensure our Team continues to produce top quality code with each Release.

In addition, we will be producing new products to help you maximize efficiency in Development Workflow such as WPSiteSync.

So, who’s this Dave guy?

Dave Jesch has been highly regarded as one of the Expert Engineers in the WordPress Community. If you don’t know him, here are his qualifications and fun facts. Yah! He’s here to double our production in half the time. (No pressure, Dave.) We are ecstatic, to say the least!

  • Dave’s a born Engineer. He’s never done anything else but develop software! 36 years and counting…
  • Dave had his first paying gig with a CPA at the age of 16. In his 20’s, he developed and packaged his first software product, Win:Probe. This new technology quickly gained popularity among developers and became a huge success.
  • Before joining ServerPress, LLC, Dave was the Principal and CTO at SpectrOM Technologies, where he started as a Freelancer and built the Company into a full size Development Firm specializing in Enterprise Web Applications and eCommerce Solutions.
  • Dave loved the eCommerce arena because he got to constantly solve problems for Clients and push technology to the limit.
  • Dave never took “Can’t be done” as an answer! He architected WPSiteSync while Colleagues told him bi-directional Content sync is not possible.
  • Contracted by an Investor, Dave architected PeepSo, a family of plugins that can turn your website into an Social Engagement Platform just like Facebook.
  • Dave has to have his coffee in the morning, otherwise he refuses to code.
  • Dave led a Team of 5 Engineers and built a super complex medical record keeping software with HIPAA certification in less than 8 months. It was said by the Certification Board that the quickest they’ve seen was by a Team of 10 Engineers in 18 months.
  • Dave’s a big fan of Object Oriented Programming. He enforces a strict Coding Standard on the Technical Team. No exceptions. Yikes!
  • Dave has a twin brother who’s also a Computer Programmer. Go figure! Do we really need two of ’em? (The answer may be “yes!”)
  • Dave loves architecting and prototyping 1.0 products. Because of this talent, he’s worked for and with many large companies such as Disney, IBM and Symantec.
  • While working at Symantec for 10 years, he was a major player in several new product launches for the Norton AntiVirus Business Unit. In fact, you might already have some of his code running on your computer.
  • As a Host of the WPWatercooler weekly podcast, you will often find Dave talking Martian to anyone willing to listen.
  • Trained in multiple disciplines, Dave finally found his Home in the WordPress Community. As he puts it, WordPress people are cool.

We welcome Dave.

As you can see, having Dave at ServerPress, LLC is a big deal! We love working with Dave more and more each day. On top of that, he’s a really funny man. He makes us laugh every morning in our status call. That was a bonus we didn’t see comin’. Welcome, Dave!