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Get The New WooCommerce Course Free With The Purchase Of DesktopServer

Get the new WooCommerce course free with the purchase of DesktopServer

Though we aren’t at WooConf this year, everyone at ServerPress really wants to help you learn more about WooCommerce. In case you are new to WordPress and the WooCommerce arena, let’s first bring you up to speed.

WooCommerce is a very popular platform for selling things online, if not the most popular.  Though simple to setup a basic store, there is a lot more under the hood that can be done with it.  The main issue is the potential overwhelm that you might feel.

With that said, we are offering an amazing deal. Purchase Desktop Server thru April 8th, and you’ll get Daniel Espinoza’s brand new course for free!  (That is a $39 value!)

Who’s Daniel you ask?  Well he is an expert WooCommerce developer, creating the first commercial plugin for the platform and has built many more plugins since. He runs Grow Development, which specializes in WooCommerce, plus he hosts the San Antonio WooCommerce meetup.  Oh, and he is a really nice guy!

The class he has created is a 22 part video course, taking you from the initial setup to reviewing all settings, configurations as well as offering the latest tips and best practices.

Why are we making this offer available? Well, without a doubt we feel that web development should be done safely, without stress, perhaps without an internet connection and in a development environment.  Desktop Server is just the tool you need.

So, what is the next step? Simple.  Use the code “WooConf” at check out and you will get an email confirming your purchase with the code to us.