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    Göran Jakobsson

    I have migrated a live website to desktop server for testing purpose.

    I canot visit the website. It only shows a blank page when I click on “visit webpage” on the localhost page.

    I can log into dashboard without problem as well as open the database.

    If I choose to view website from within dashboard I get the message: invalid certificate….. the server tries to fool you, do you want to continue to the server? When I click on “still continue” only a blank page is shown.
    I have tried several browsers. In internet explrer 11 it says “security certificate problem”. The same blank page when choose to continue. It also says: adress mismatch, the security certificate presented by this website is issued for another webadress(which I guess is the live site).

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    Göran Jakobsson

    The website has https. When I disabled the https plugin the website was shown as it should except a few pictures.

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