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    Duplicator Version 0.5.22
    Wordpress 4.22
    Desktopserver Premium 3.6.2
    Mavericks OS

    In DesktopServer:
    Error CleanseDB Error 1115 (42000) at line 6:
    Unknown Character set ‘utf8bm4’

    On WP install at top
    Warning: mysql_set_charset(): Error executing query in /Applications/XAMPP/xamppfiles/htdocs/ on line 781

    Is this a duplicator issue or a DesktopServer issue?
    If it is a Desktop server issue will updat5ing the software to 3.8 resolve this issue?

    With thanks Sebastian

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    Gregg Franklin

    Hello Sebastian,

    Yes, DesktopServer 3.8 upgrades the MySQL database to the current version which does now use the utf8mb4 collation.

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