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DesktopServer – Create locally installed WordPress Websites Forums Public Discussions 'Unable to connect' message after upgrade to osX 10.10.4

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    Noel Hathaway

    I’ve been developing a site using serverpress under osX 10.7.
    After upgrading to osX 10.10.4 and updating Serverpress I can no longer access my dev site. Localhost is not found as I get the ‘unable to connect’ message.
    I have tried finding the hidden preference file in /users/shared/ but cannot see it.
    My site seems to be intact as I can copy and move the files, just not open it…

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    Noel Hathaway

    Addition: I have found a backup of the preference file and modified it following instructions in the support section, but still no joy.
    Can anyone help?

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    Marc Benzakein

    Hi Noel,

    It sounds as though your services are not running. Can you go into your activity monitor and be sure that httpd and mySql are running?

    Also, have you tried a clean reboot?

    When you start DesktopServer and click on the “Sites” Button, what do you see?

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    Noel Hathaway

    mysqld is running but not httpd.
    I have tried rebooting and stopping and restarting servers. All I get when visiting ‘sites’ is ‘Unable to connect’. See attached image.

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