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    Meg Seegmiller

    I installed Desktop Server today, but have been unable to open any newly created sites to configure. I am also unable to access localhost.

    Attempting to access localhost or sites created within DesktopServer from the browser results in a “Unable to Connect” Error. I have tried Safari, Firefox, and Chrome.

    I have attempted uninstalling and reinstalling DesktopServer, restarting my computer, and restarting services within DesktopServer.

    Please advise.

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    Gregg Franklin

    Hello Meg,

    Thank you for writing us​​. I’m sorry to hear this. With DesktopServer running please go to Applications > Utilities > Activity Monitor

    Make sure it says All Processes and over on the right in the search bar type in http, did you get a result? Then type in mysql, same question, did you get a result?

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    Meg Seegmiller

    I get one result for http (httpd) and I get one result for mysql (mysqld).

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    Meg Seegmiller

    Update: now when I search the Activity Monitor I do not get any matches for http or mysql

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