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      Just started using this today and I’m well impressed. I’ll be buying the pro version tomorrow I’m sure.

      One thing that would make this software perfect for me is the ability to sync sites with Bittorrent Sync as I code in my office and on my machine at home. Syncing the website files is obviously very easy and syncs with my documents folder the way I have it configured. Is it possible however to sync the main program directory (on C: root) or can I just sync certain subdirectories such as MySQL data directory?

      I’ve tried syncing the whole program folder but it triggers an error stating that I don’t have permission. Not sure whether this is because bittorrent won’t let me sync from C: root or because files were still locked in the program folder.

      If I can get this to work I’d be ecstatic! Thanks

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      Hello Chris,

      DesktopServer has to run from the systems primary drive. Thanks for the feature request. I think an interesting idea! I can see the benfits.

      We’re not working on that at the moment but I’ll pitch it to the team and see what they think.

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      Hi Gregg,

      Thanks for the fast reply. I’ll just have to remote login if I do find myself wanting to do a bit of late night coding! Been using the software today, really speeds up development, and will be great to have on my laptop for when I don’t have internet. Great stuff thanks!

Viewing 2 reply threads
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