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    Martin Levi

    I recently upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10. After the upgrade, DesktopServer starts Apache and MySQL just fine, but then the Sites button does not work. The workaround is easy – I type http://localhost/ in my browser bar and I get the DesktopServer Development Websites screen.

    I tried setting World Wide Web Publishing Service to manual but it didn’t make any difference. I have now upgraded DesktopServer to v3.8.0 but still the sites button does not work.

    I assume that some Windows setting was changed during my otherwise seamless (haha) upgrade from 7 to 10 – any ideas anyone?

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    Gregg Franklin

    Hello Martin,

    This is a known issue without a resolution. As you mentioned you can access the same location by opening http://localhost in your browser.

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    Martin Levi

    Hi Gregg, and thanks for your reply. I posted because I could not find any reference to this issue. If I had I would not wasted any more time over it. Also thought it might help people to see the workaround.

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    David Aldridge

    Same issue – sites button not working after win7 to win10 upgrade and http://Localhosts/ trick is not working.???

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    David Aldridge

    I got it working…. went to control panel administration/services and changed “world wide web publishing” from autostart to manual start. didn’t do anything with port settings.

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