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      Michael King

      I’m not at all sure what, but something went wrong yesterday – the classic glitch I think – and one of the .dev servers got all bunged up. So that happens sometimes, I had accessible backups (UpdraftPlus!), I figured I’d just recreate it. So I went to DesktopServer, use the Remover command, it seemed to go away, then created a new .dev with the same name as the one I just deleted. From what I could see, everything went fine.

      Here’s where it went off the rails – I get to the message in DS that says to install, click here. I click that and instead of the usual WP box asking for language, I get a warning that says the database is not accessible, am I sure I have the site name right? and a few useless questions like that.

      I did all the usual things like restarting the the MBA and even installing a fresh copy of DS 3.8.0, and re-doing the deletion and creation. Same result every time.

      So just to try something different (Troubleshooting 101 – don’t keep doing the same thing) I installed a new .dev named That worked fine, I’ve just imported by backup into it, all good now.

      So there seems to be some hang up about the original name, like things got lost when the glitch happened and so didn’t get deleted when they should, or something like that?.

      So – any ideas on how to fix this?

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      This issue has been addressed via private support.

      Please let us know if this does not resolve the issue or if you need further assistance.

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      Michael King

      Thanks to Gegg, I now know the source of the problem, and some new troubleshooting

      The error saw yesterday was stimulated by a specific plugin used on my website – Event Espresso 4 (event registration tool). As long as that plugin is disabled or not installed, all is good. As soon as I activate that one, everything goes down and I get a bunch of error messages. At this point I’m not convinced I don’t still have the original database error with the site that was damaged – the original issue – but I’ve not had time to test that.

      I’m not running any events right now so for right now there is not a problem with EE4 inactive, but I soon will have one and then it will be a big problem.

      To be completely clear:

      1. I’ve used EE4 for a long time and there are no issues running on a normal web server with the latest WprdPress and php 5
      2. There were no issues in DesktopServer 3.6.x – this cropped up when I upgraded to 3.8 I believe
      3. I believe I have the latest version of everything
      4. I’m not convinced the original problem I had is fixed – stand by on that
Viewing 2 reply threads
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