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    Russell Banfield

    the title basically encapsulates my question in a nutshell. is there any way to import a .zip file into my free version of serverpress? thanks


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    Only Premium has the import feature and has official support for one of the supported zip backup formats (BackupBuddy, Duplicator, ManageWP, Backup WordPress, BackWP Up, InfiniteWP, etc.).

    If you do have a viable zip file in the required format (zip is an arbitrary term for a compressed file) you could drop it into the blueprints folder and open it using the free version’s default “Create…” option and selecting it from the Blueprints dropdown menu.

    However, you will not gain access to DesktopServer’s Premium specific features to allow for further customizations, correct misspelled links, links for CDNs, etc. Alternatively, you could use BackupBuddy’s ImportBuddy feature and run the importer after creating a default WordPress website using DesktopServer (so that DesktopServer creates the initial database for you).

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    Rob Healey

    Thanks for the clue about uploading the zipped file to the blueprints.
    That has sort of worked, the plugins and themes are there, but not the menu or pages or media.

    Not sure why that happened the zipped database was in the zipped file I put in the blueprints folder.

    I expect I can get them with the XML export/import feature. I’ll give that a go and report back.

    I’m giving the free version a trial and had the zipped and unzipped copy of existing website in the same folder as the created example. I didn’t see anywhere that explained how to copy an existing website to the free version of DesktopServer.
    Did I miss that?


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