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      Yeah, they fired him and hired me. Problem is, the website is on HIS server and he still controls cPanel, FTP access, email setup, basically everything associated with being a webmaster and refuses to allow me CPanel access. Here’s the BIGGEST problem, he’s removed almost all the items from the WP Dashboard Admin Panel. I can’t do anything except edit pages. He has plugins installed but the Plugins menu item is missing, as are Appearance, Users, and pretty much everything except Posts, Pages, Comments, and Galleries. He’s disabled everything and refuses to put them back. Why?? Because he says “in his experience, they load down WP”. This guy is full of it! Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get this away from him? I’m almost ready to suggest legal action to my customer but wouldn’t have the faintest idea what to sue for. I’m ready to call the police and charge him with grand theft (corporate property). If I suggest that, maybe he’ll release it all. He still thinks he’s in control, and he basically is since he refuses to cooperate.



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      Hi Deb,

      I don’t see a lot of options left. Besides legal there is one more that will take work. You could scrape the site for content and then rebuilt a new WordPress website one a new host, where you and the client want. Then point the DNS over there basically taking the site away from this host.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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