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      Chris White

      Hi, When I try to run Desktop Server I get a error stating “An exception of class JSONException was not handled. The application must shut down.
      Exception Message: Parse Error: Expecting ‘{‘ or ‘[‘ at position 1Exception Error Number: 1”

      I am now unable to load the application. Can you please help me resolve this.


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      Hello Chris,

      Thank you for writing us. I’m sorry to hear this. This can be caused by a damaged preferences file. This file can be found:

      If you open this file and it is empty, delete it. If you have a backup of your system restore this file. If not when you start DesktopServer it will recreate the preferences file.

      It may not show any existing sites you have created. Did you have existing sites?

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      Issam Z

      Hello Gregg,

      I am having the same problem and when I delete the file I don’t see my existing sites anymore and the option to export them is greyed out.

      Anyway to get around this please?

      Thank you,

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      Kristian Adolfsson

      Same problem. Found the file and renamed it.

      All my sites are gone though.

      Don’t have a backup of that file.

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      Jeff Williams

      Same problem here too. What’s the solution?

Viewing 4 reply threads
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