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      s m

      Sorry for opening one more topic about an issue I’m experiencing since one month, but my previous one received only one irrilevant reply and no follow up. I’m aware this is a basic support forum, but if this is the average support level, I’m not sure I’ll buy the Pro version, sooner or later…

      As I already wrote in my previous post, last August 16, both Firefox and Chrome are not able to resolve .dev domain any longer. And it is NOT a cache issue at all. In fact, the clearest error message comes frome Chrome: “ERR_ICANN_NAME_COLLISION”.

      I suspect both browsers’ last updates have problems in order to handle a tld – .dev – which isn’t a fake tld anymore, as it is now part of the new tlds currently in pre-registration status (just fyr:

      Is there any workaround?

      I do hope this help request will be more considered than my previous one. After all, I’m not the only one experiencing this issue…



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      Marc Benzakein

      Hi Stefano,

      Thank you for the post. I am sorry you’re having this issue and that your experience with the forums has been less than desirable. Please note, though, that as stated a the top of the forums page, these are Community driven and are not monitored as closely by ServerPress, LLC staff. The main reason for this is due to the fact that forum posts are not trackable, whereas our internal support system is.

      You might not have been aware that even with the Limited Version of DesktopServer, we do still offer personalized support. The main advantage of the Premium support is that we support all of the functionality of DesktopServer and Premium members will always be handled at the top of the queue (usually getting them responses very quickly, sometimes even within minutes). However, because we do use a tracking/case number with each ticket, we can stay on top of the Basic Support requests as well.

      With that said, you pose an interesting issue. Google recently became owners of the .dev TLD and as such, it seems that perhaps their Chrome product is checking externally. However, in theory, this should not happen because the Windows Operating System is designed to check the hosts file before it checks DNS. Can you verify that DesktopServer is writing properly to your hosts file? It is located at c:\windows\system32\drivers\hosts.

      I found a thread which may or may help, but addresses the issue you’re receiving:

      Lastly, if your hosts file looks good, I would encourage you to contact us and submit a formal ticket so we can track it and avoid letting your issue fall through the cracks.

      I hope that helps a bit and look forward to hearing from you.

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        Hi Marc,
        I have the same issue on a new install of Windows 10. I am a paid customer and I have checked the “Premium Support Forum” without luck. I have tried searching for “This webpage is not available”, and “ERR_ICANN_NAME_COLLISION” but all I get is “Sorry, no results were found for this query.”. I looked at my hosts file, but without a reference of what it should look like, I don’t know if mine “looks good”. Again, I tried looking up “hosts file” in your Premium Support Forum and could not find anything with that information.
        Can you please post instructions on what the host file should look like, and hopefully complete instructions on how to resolve this error. I am sure we are not the only ones experiencing this.

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      s m

      Dear Marc,
      thank you so much for your kind and indeed exhaustive reply, and also for the link you provided, which seems to confirm my suspect about Chrome (and Firefox as well) and its new behavior when handling .dev tlds.

      Of course, I’ve checked again my hosts file, which appears to be ok: both my local .dev domains in the DesktopServer part of the file are correctly pointing to So the only thing I can do is to open a support ticket…



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