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      Joseph Baker

      I recently “refreshed” Windows 10. It re-installed Windows, but did not erase my personal files, such as my “Websites” folder for DesktopServer. However, it did erase all my applications. I had to re-install Desktop Server.

      Now that everything is re-installed, when I open DesktopServer, it starts ok. It finds “localhost”. But when I go to “localhost”, no development websites are listed.
      I have not changed my file structure. I still have one development website in the default location:
      I don’t understand why DesktopServer doesn’t see that I have a development website where it should be.
      Even when I go to localhost->Tools->PHPMyAdmin the database for my website is still there.
      Also, the “Sites” button on DesktopServer is greyed out, as if there are no sites.

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      Hello Joseph,

      DesktopServer is made of three components, the /xampplite folder (containing the application and the databases), the folder where you selected to have all your websites files stored and the preferences file.

      If you have a backup you can restore the preferences file. Learn more about it:

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      Joseph Baker

      I don’t have a backup. Is there anyway I can change the preferences file so it can find my website folder?

      The preferences file looks like this

Viewing 2 reply threads
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