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      Jay Raught


      Before I lose anymore sleep as to why I cannot see my dev site on my live server; I created a backup with duplicator and went through the paces. I was not able to see my site launched. luckily I kept a backup of the site. Can I continue to create dev sites and move them to a live host with the free version? Or do I need to upgrade to the premium? I would hate to lose 15 hours worth of work I did for 2 site designs!!

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      Marc Benzakein

      Hi Jay,

      Unfortunately, without more information it’s hard to know why you cannot see it. I’d have to know the steps you took. However, there is no reason why your work would be lost as long as you keep things locally. So, you can continue to create them.

      In order to know why your site is not able to be seen, you’d have to provide us with a bit more information:

      1. Who is your host?
      2. What were the steps taken to deploy?

      Those would be a good place to start. And while we do not require that you use Premium, it does have a lot of features which make deployment easier. Plus, should you have problems deploying, we can do an assisted deployment for you (and tell you the steps we took in order to make it work with your specific situations; not all hosts play the same and not all sites do either).

      I’d recommend that you shoot us an email by clicking on the Contact form with the information and maybe we can help you get to the bottom of it.



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      Jay Raught


      The host is Hostgator, my current build is one that I created locally and deployed via Hostgator. I had used Webmatrix previously..

      I created the installer and packages, created a new db and pointed the installer to that.

      uploaded files to public_html


      everything goes as planned according to duplicator…

      test site and and I get a fatal error…

      Do I create a new db or overwrite existing?

Viewing 2 reply threads
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