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      Dan Knauss

      What is the necessary structure of an archive package for it to function properly as a blueprint?

      I notice that when I add a new blueprint it does not initially appear in the list of options. I have to go back in the wizard and come to the list a second time for a new blueprint to appear as an option.

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      Hello Dan,

      Blueprints can be a folder or zip. The Blueprint folder would contain a WordPress Installation and any plugins or themes you would like. You can also edit the wp-config.php file and add defines and change the database table prefix.

      With the Premium version you can create a site, set the permlanks add users, add plugins and activate, etc. Then export the website into the blueprints folder and it will that as the template.

      Yes after you create a Blueprint you would normally want to stop and restart the web and database services(first selection on the main menu) for DesktopServer to add your blueprint to the list

      More info:

      We hope you find this information helpful.

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      Dan Knauss

      Should the SQL dump be located at the blueprint folder root?

      What I was noticing with the blueprints not showing up was following a server restart. A blueprint folder had been added before DesktopServer was even opened. I didn’t have to restart for the list to refresh; I just moved back and forward again in the setup wizard. This is with the Mac version.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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