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    colin steele


    I’ve eventually got serverpress to install on my computer after sorting the port 80 problem but now after creating my first database the wp-login page does not appear when I tyoe in the link or press the hyper link on the setup page.

    The database exists in the ‘websites’ folder

    Any help appreciated.


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    I had a similar problem. One fix is to open Chrome and just type localhost in the address bar, hit enter and everything appears. Try that and see if it works for you.

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    Gregg Franklin

    Hello Colin,

    There is a known issue in some rare cases where the links in Chrome do not open the browser. But as Shery mentioned can you try going to it directly by typing in the address. Please let us know if you can get to the site.

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    Have the same problem but use the Shery solution is solved. Actually I was impressed that I we don’t have to go back to localhost again but this is quite disappointed me lol.

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