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      Shane Biggs

      First time DesktopServer user here. I imported my current DB into phpMyAdmin. I have access to the database and all of the tables in phpMyAdmin. I also have access to my WP Dashboard and everything seems to be there. My only problem is I just have a blank page when i click the site link that I created “”. No errors just renders a blank page. I changed the “siteurl” and “home” in the “wp_options” table to “” but still just a blank page. Skype is not running. Is there something else that you need to change before you can see the site? Really want to use the program but dont want to purchase until I can make sure it works. Using the free version 3.8.1.

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      Hello Shane,

      It looks like you can get into the dashboard, I would do some standard trouble shooting. A blank page can be caused by many things, a conflict with java script is quite common. Try the following steps:

      Sometime it can be an issue with just the front page, visit another page. (Does that work?)
      Change the theme to a default theme like twentyfifteen. (Does that work?)
      Rename the plugins directory to plugins-old, this will deactivate all the plugins (Does that work?)

      Please let us know if this does not resolve the issue or if you need further assistance.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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