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Gregg Franklin

Hello Michael,

Thank you for the email and we are sorry that this is happening to you. We have discovered that in some instances, due to the MySQL upgrade, the wp_options table can get locked and rendered seemingly unusable. Fortunately, we do have a fix.

1. Stop all DesktopServer services and close down DesktopServer
2. Run the MySQL upgrade script ( found here:
3. Restart DesktopServer

Go to and download a plugin called InnoDB Autoconvert. Extract the directory and place it in your Applications/Xampp/ds-plugins directory. Rename the folder innodb-autoconvert. Restart DesktopServer and you’ll notice that the InnoDB Autoconvert is now an available plugin. Enable this and then, from the main menu, select the “copy” option and copy the problematic website to a new instance. The InnoDB Autoconvert will update the tables properly and you should have a working website.

All sites should now be functioning.

Please let us know if this does not resolve the issue or if you need further assistance.